Primark are Selling Unicorn Blankets!

September 29, 2017
Primark are Selling Unicorn Blankets!Primark are Selling Unicorn Blankets!

Primark are Selling Unicorn Blankets!

These unicorn blankets have the potential to become your new favourite thing. Aside from the fact that it’s unicorn-themed, which already makes it an instant winner, it also comes with a hood and actual mittens!

Meaning you’ll be toasty warm until the country begins to thaw out come springtime. Primark is responsible for this totally adorable winter warmer and it will set you back £14. Be warned though it’s likely the Unicorn Hooded Throw will be flying off the shelves.

It’s true that for the young, the unicorn trend is just fun and colorful. But older millennials are drawn to it because it reminds them of something they grew up with. It’s a reminder of what they used to play with, watch on TV, and love. Of course, generations prior to millennials remember unicorn pop culture too. In the ’70s, the creatures galloped onto T-shirts and posters; in the ’80s, they were among the hottest items in the sticker collecting craze–especially the puffy, glittery ones.

For those of you who are anti-unicorns, beware: It doesn’t seem like this trend is going anywhere any time soon. It is, however, just a fad, a fleeting moment in popular culture guaranteed to ultimately fade in a burst of sparkly obscurity.

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