Prepare To Be Totally Obsessed With Unicorn Toast


Imagine how happy your mornings would be if you could start the day eating a breakfast that looks like this? Well, my friend, you can, because some kind-hearted person has created unicorn toast. Unicorn toast is a thing now and it’s every bit as beautiful as you’d imagine.

Amazingly, unicorn toast isn’t as unhealthy as you’d think. Despite the fact that unicorn toast essentially looks like bread and frosting, it’s actually made from cream cheese.Food stylist, Adeline Waugh uses beetroot juice to make the pink colour, turmeric root for the yellow, spirulina powder for the light blue, chlorophyll drops for green, blueberry powder for purple and strawberry or raspberry powder mixed with beetroot juice for light pink.

Personally, we’re just glad someone else worked out the logistics for us, totally here for it!

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