Tips for Designing a Studio Apartment

Tips for Designing a Studio Apartment

Tips for Designing a Studio Apartment

With the cost of living at an all-time high, many of us are having to sacrifice space for the sake of our personal finances. However, living in a studio apartment usually means you’re living in a city that comes with a whole host of benefits too. Just because you’re living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean you have to prioritise substance over style; you can do both. Here are some top tips for designing your studio flat.

Zone Out

Due to the small amount of floor space you’ll have available, it’s a great idea to set up “zones” in your apartment. This means you’ll be able to manage better the space instead of just having random items all over the place. Some great pieces of furniture to determine a zone would be bookshelves, desks and coffee tables. These slightly larger pieces of furniture help you to immediately dedicate certain areas of the room for their uses, for example, the living room zone, kitchen zone, bedroom zone and so on.


A golden rule to follow when it comes to furniture shopping is – does it have the potential to be multipurpose? Things like sofa beds, for example, are ideal since these can be folded up during the day, which will give you that bit more floor space. However, it’s also a good idea to think about how useful a piece of furniture is. For example, does the desk you’re looking at have drawers? If not, you may want to reconsider as every piece of storage, however small, will allow you to organise your things better.

Also, consider if you’re getting your multipurpose furniture for the best possible price. Be sure to shop around, check out voucher code websites and comparison sites. Take for example this NHS staff discount. It’s always a good idea to check out any discounts available to you before you splurge on a new large piece for your home.

Keep it Neutral

While Maximalism is a vast interior trend right now, this look’s bold colours and patterns would simply make your studio apartment feel that bit more hectic. Instead, look to neutral colours. That doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise with more exciting colours; rather, just make sure your walls and more significant pieces of furniture aren’t too harsh on the eye. Neutral tones help to make a room feel more spacious and lighter, which is essential when you’ve not got much to work in the first place.

Living in a studio apartment is a great way to live the metropolitan life of whichever city you’ve found yourself in. So instead of thinking of a studio apartment as a hindrance, look at it as a chapter in your life where you got to immerse yourself in the modern way of urban living fully. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll look back at your tiny studio apartment with fondness when you eventually move away, so make the most of it!

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