#SupermarketSiesta With Our Furbabies and PetShop.co.uk


This September I’m taking a Supermarket Siesta and shaking up my weekly shop. I’ve accepted the challenge to ‘buy better, live better’ by swapping out part of my usual weekly supermarket shop to specialists, like PetShop.co.uk.


You can join me by visiting www.supermarketsiesta.com and signing up for their exclusive offers and competitions. You’ll get to discover a world of artisan producers from their fantastic tribe of British brands. You can choose which part of your supermarket shop you’d like to take a #supermarketsiesta on and then join in on the fun by sharing your #supermarketsiesta on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Now, I’m not sure who was more excited about our PetShop.co.uk delivery, look at their eager little faces! This is Bella and Teddy doing their very best ‘look how adorable I am’ faces whilst they waited patiently for their PetShop.co.uk dinner. PetShop.co.uk sent us a 2kg bag of Huntland Adult Deboned British Turkey Grain Free Dog Food and a 1.5kg bag of James Wellbeloved Fish & Rice Adult Dry Cat Food for Chewie, our Maine Coon. Here he is doing his best ‘I’m far too cool for this’ expression.


As pet parents, we’re super vigilant about their diets. I’ve only ever fed them premium brands, and sometimes their dinner costs more to prepare than mine, ha! So, I really appreciate the selection of natural, healthy choices on PetShop.co.uk. Not just big brands, but lots of smaller less well known producers too, who’s main focus is your pet’s nutritional health and wellbeing. I really liked the way James Wellbeloved Fish Adult is formulated to meet the protein and energy requirements of an adult cat and that it includes a balance of soluble and insoluble fibre to support their little digestive systems. Our delivery of Huntland was very well received by both Bella and Teddy, I like the way that Huntland Turkey Adult Dog Food is a 100% natural and grain-free food that’s specially balanced with 50% meat and 50% vegetables, fruit and botanicals. I’m often on the look out for new complete dog foods and Huntland dog food ticks all of those boxes. There’s even a pet health specialist that you can call for more advice, which is a really nice touch.


Buying your pet’s food from a store can be such a hassle, especially if you have three furbabies, like me! I think that it’s about time we all made the switch to buying our pet’s food online. No heavy carrying or last minute store runs just sit back and wait for it to arrive. Purrfect!


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