Rose’s Favourite Starbucks Hacks

July 14, 2016

I love coffee. I love coffee so much that I’ve compiled a list of my favourite coffee hacks, so that you can get your daily caffeine fix cheaper, tastier or bigger!


  • You know s’mores? The wonderful gooey goodness that is fire roasted marshmallows squished between cracker biscuits with chocolate in the middle. Well, I know how you can make your Starbucks coffee taste just like that, just ask for: 2 pumps of milk chocolate, 3 pumps of marshmallow and 3 pumps of vanilla. You’re welcome!
  • Here’s a neat trick, when you order a frappuccino make sure you order it with light ice. Lots more frap for your money!
  • If you like your coffee milky, be sure to order a tall in a venti cup. You’ll have lots more room for cream and it’s cheaper.
  • If you’re craving something sweet, just order a soy hazelnut hot chocolate, I promise you, it tastes just like chocolate brownies.
  • Had one of those days? If you put tequila in a cool lime refresher, it instantly turns into a margarita.
  • Whilst we’re on the subject of alcohol. You can also fit an entire bottle of wine in a Trenta cup. Just sayin’.
  • Beat the queue by ordering your coffe via the Starbucks app.
  • If you use a large green Starbucks straw, your head doesn’t have to move as far.
  • Want one of those pink Starbucks drinks you’ve seen all over Insta? Just order an acai refresher with coconut milk. Now you can be all hipster too!
  • Almost always burn your tongue on your coffee? I do. However, I recently discovered that you can order Starbucks drinks at kids temperature. Hallelujah!
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