Review & Giveaway: Lily-Flame Fairy Dust Wax Melts

Review & Giveaway: Lily-Flame Fairy Dust Wax Melts

This is the most popular candle in the Lily-Flame range, and it’s not difficult to see why. This fragrance is powdery, warm, sparkly and magical. In short- Fairy Dust. I absolutely adore it. This sounds random, but it totally reminds me of the scent they seem to pump into the Disneyland Hotel in Paris. Oh so comforting, just perfect for now as the weather has started turning cooler.

I’ve used wax melts for years, and could never be swayed from Yankee Candle. Because every other brand I tried, even though they’d smell lovely just couldn’t project their scent in the same way. But when I came across these, I haven’t looked back.

I started with my usual half of a tart and within minutes, could smell this wonderfully powdery scent. The dominant scent is rose with a musky base note.  It’s clean, fresh and airy. I highly recommend this is you like any rose scents. Half of a tart lasted for 14 hours. It has a strong throw but not too over powering. This smells really expensive but also has a slight feminine smell to it as well. It’s beautiful. A rich warm smell, with a sweet (but not sickly) blast. It is a strong smell, I wouldn’t say overpowering, but you don’t need to approach the wax melt to smell it.

You can buy these wax melts here, If you fancy winning a set of Lily-Flame Fairy Dust Melts for yourself, just enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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