Review & Giveaway: ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Review & Giveaway: ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

What a pleasant surprise this robotic vacuum cleaner was. It comes nicely packed in a box with charging dock, spare side brushes, a cleaning brush, a spare cloth, a remote control with batteries included and an instruction leaflet. This product will change your life. Seriously. We’ve had a few roomba vacuums, this is much better than them. The bin is bigger and very importantly there is no underneath spinning brush, just the two side brushes and suction. So no need to spend 10 minutes a day disassembling the robot and snipping hair off the roller.

This is a superb value robotic vacuum cleaner, I’m absolutely delighted with it. Remember, some of the high end machines are still the best part of a grand, which even if they leave the place spotless, is simply not worth the money. This fantastic little gadget is currently £159.99. This brings robotic vacuum cleaners down to a somewhat affordable level, whilst still being very effective.

The setup was very easy. There are extra functions on it, but you can pretty much plug in the charging dock, the vacuum cleaner, and click the clean button, and it’ll just start working away.

Battery life seems to be very good, 1.5-2 hours each time we’ve used it. The dust compartment needs emptying fairly frequently, but again, if you start running this more often than vacuuming as a normal chore, then it doesn’t really matter, as you don’t get the same build up. This is also assisted by the planning mode, allowing you to schedule in when to start cleaning, so the robot can be busily hoovering away whilst you’re at work.

There are additional useful modes – in particular spot cleaning, and wall cleaning modes – that more expensive hoovers don’t often have. I found the wall clean in particular great – with the brushes that flick out from the sides of the robot. It really scoops up a lot of detritus that is in against the wall very nicely. The robotic vacuum cleaner looks pretty sleek, and is also lightweight and easy to move around, so brilliant for transporting between floors of a house as necessary. We have two dogs and can’t believe how much fur it picks up every time it vacuums. It takes a couple of minutes to clean after every use.

It bleeps a couple of times if it gets tangled or stuck, if you’re not there to rescue it it switches itself off, so at least it’s not damaging itself or anything else.

Ultimately, It’s great for keeping on top of an already clean house. I use mine to keep on top of pet hair. This is best suited to hardwood floors and the odd shallow rug. It doesn’t like dark surfaces or deep pile carpets. It’s round so misses corners, but does reach under the small gap in the skirting board to flick out any debris. It’s brilliant at getting to hard to reach places like under your bed or sofa. Do not use if you have wires or paper strewn all over the floor as it will get tangled. Set him off when you go to work or sleep and return to a cleaner home. You’ll still need to vacuum as normal, but much less often.

It runs for about 1.5 to 2 hours before it gets tired and starts looking for the charging station.

After each run you’ll need to empty the small dust tank. I also like that it doesn’t have a roller in the middle which I noted some robotic vacuum cleaner owners found untangling long hairs frustrating. There are more advanced and expensive robots out there, but this one does enough for my needs and expectations.

We have a mix of hardwood, tile and carpeted floors which it cleans without any problem. It got stuck once under a cupboard but now I know, I place something in front to stop him entering. The route it takes can be haphazard but he does cover everywhere, you see the tram lines in the carpet. The dust collection box is only small. But this is not a problem, you just empty it after every clean, it takes no time at all.

I have a child, two dogs, a big fluffy cat and a busy working life. So what I buy needs to be effective, easy to use and maintain, and robust. This ticks all those boxes. From opening the box on delivery, it took minutes to get the vacuum up and running and cleaning the dining room. It can sense stairs so doesn’t fall down and happily works away through any open doorways into the next room. It deals well with changing floor levels too and copes incredibly well with dog hair.

The battery life is also excellent. It doubled as a dog toy for a while, but now the novelty has worn off so it just gets on with the job un-chased.

We were very impatient when waiting for the robotic vacuum cleaner to charge which took just over 3 hours. Since then we keep it on the charging dock and we have used it every day. It is great on kitchen and bathroom tiles. I simply start it off and close all doors. There is a spot function for spillage and when used the vacuum moves in ever increasing circles over a specific area. This is very useful. There is an edge function and again it is useful but the side brushes do such a good job that it is hardly necessary. On top there is a small digital display which holds the clock and plan function. These are also very easy to set.

It is slower than conventional vacuuming. But the big advantage is that of course you can get on with other things. Just brilliant – no longer need to shift hefty furniture to clean underneath, no longer need to waste time pushing a vacuum cleaner around! You can buy this fabulous robot vacuum cleaner at Amazon for £159.99 and If you fancy winning an ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for yourself, just enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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