Psst! Lego Advent Calendars 2017 Are Now Available..

As you probably already know, every year these Lego advent calendars become harder and harder to get a hold of. And it looks as though Christmas 2017 will be no exception. Our son has been fortunate enough to have had one of these every year since they were first released. I suppose they’ve accidentally become a bit of a tradition in this house. Also known as a rod for our own back, ha!

So, If you’re looking to get hold of a Lego advent calendar this year, seriously don’t hesitate to order now. As when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Argos currently have the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – 75184 in stock:

Prepare for a galaxy of festive fun with the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, with 24 gifts including minifigures, starships, vehicles and other themed collectibles.

Open a door of this super-fun advent calendar each day in December to discover a LEGO star wars themed minifigure, starship, vehicle or other collectible. There’s even a foldout playmat featuring images from jakku, starkiller base and deep space for epic star wars encounters.

Features 7 minifigures plus a fun holiday-themed figure. Vehicles include the ghost, the phantom, stormtrooper transport, Rey’s speeder, millennium falcon, snowspeeder, kylo ren’s command shuttle, y-wing, tie striker, hovertank, at-st, blaster cannon, snow blower and a sled with boosters!

And the LEGO City Advent Calendar – 60155 in stock:

Put a little fun into the holidays with the LEGO City Advent Calendar! Includes a range of buildable items and vehicles, plus 6 minifigures.

Celebrate the holidays with LEGO city flair, featuring 24 different surprises, one for each day of the season, including Santa’s sleigh, a gingerbread house, Christmas tree, plane, snowman, coast guard helicopter and much more. Includes several different builds and 6 minifigures.

Includes 6 minifigures: snowboarder kid, grandma, 2 coast guard members, jungle explorer and santa. Features 24 different items including buildings, vehicles, seasonal items and minifigures.

Open each ‘door’ to reveal the surprise for the day. Collect all the minifigures to add to your collections or sets.

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