Last Minute Christmas Gifts Ideas for Babies Under £10

Last Minute Christmas Gifts Ideas for Babies Under £10

Not long to go now! Not ready yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s some of the best last minute Christmas gift ideas for babies for under £10. Because there’s really no need to spend a lot of money when they are small. We’ve listed our pick of the most thoughtful gifts out there, all delivered before Christmas!

TOMY Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs – £7 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Ideas for Babies Under £10

This popular educational toy comes with 6 different eggs and funny facial expressions. Crack them open to reveal 6 different colours that your little one can identify and match. This learning toy encourages shape sorting and colour recognition as it comes with 6 different shells to match with each egg and shapes that correspond with a unique carton spot

Each chick chirps a happy cheep-cheep when pressed. Perfectly sized for little hands and fingers to play with. We love that there isn’t just one way to play – play hide & seek, shape sorting, colour matching and more.


Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack Stacking Toy – £7.98 Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack Stacking Toy - £7.98

This fisher-price toy introduces babies to sizes and stacking with five colourful rings, the ideal baby toy for learning grasping and stacking. Small children can learn to stack in relative sizes and can bash the bottom of the baby stacker rings base ​to rock it back and forth.

The top of the baby ring stacker has a shiny surface with rattling beads inside to help keep baby amused. It’s suitable for babies ages 6 months and up.



Bright Starts Sit & See Safari Floor Mirror – £9.99 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Ideas for Babies Under £10

Ah, love at first sight. Who’s caught baby’s eye? Her own reflection, of course! Made for tummy time or sit-and-play, this large baby-safe mirror is perfect for silly faces and self-discovery.

Watch as your wild one discovers her goofy grin for the first time. With crinkly and colorful fabric, she won’t be able to take her eyes off what she sees. This little mirror from Bright Starts folds flat for easy storage and travels. No matter how you use this mirror, you’ll always have the best view — of her smile staring back at you!


Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set – £7.95 Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set - £7.95

These are fantastic easy-to-grab, squeezable toys suitable for teething. They have a bright and BPA-Free design for babies to develop tactile senses while having fun.

Soft and textured material featuring 6 varied sizes and shapes, which encourage baby to reach, bat, grab and enjoy sensory play.

This set is packaged in easy-to-wrap packaging and is a perfect gift for babies this Christmas!


Halilit Mini Rainbomaker Musical Instrument – £7.95 Halilit Mini Rainbomaker Musical Instrument - £7.95

The Mini Rainbomaker is a real, durable musical instrument that can recreate the soft sound of falling rain.

By turning the Rainbomaker, you’ll be able to watch as the colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating fascinating sounds and visual effects that will delight young children.

The Mini Rainbomaker is strong, durable and comfortable for little hands to hold.



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