Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets Under £10

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets Under £10

With all the rushing around in the run up to Christmas, it can be easy to forget our furry friends who can’t ask for what they want themselves. We’ve compiled our picks of the best gifts for your pets, all under £10 and all arriving before Christmas!

Gifts For The Pups

Smarter Paws Fun Tooth Cleaning Play Ball – £5.99 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Ideas for Pets Under £10

On the vet’s advice, I bought this toy for Teddy to help with his teeth. I put treats between the teeth sections of the ball and he took it from me very happily! It is a perfect size for him to carry and he enjoys playing with it.






Chuckit Ultra Balls Durable High Bounce Rubber Balls x 2 – £8.90 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Ideas for Pets Under £10

Featuring an extra-thick natural rubber core, these tough dog toys are durable for long-term use and the perfect gift for pets. The lightweight rubber material of this Chuckit! pet ball makes them float for engaging playtime at the pool or the beach.

They’re made from natural high-bounce rubber, so they encourage dogs to leap and jump. The smooth, rubber surface resists mess and allows pet parents to easily wash off dirt or slobber. We love that the bright colours are easy to spot during outdoor play.


Pooch & Mutt Dog Treats (Wheat & Junk free) Calm & Relaxed, 3x125g – £8.97 Pooch & Mutt Dog Treats (Wheat free & Junk free) Calm & Relaxed, 3x125g - £8.97

These treats include Lamb, Chamomile and L-Tryptophan. Chamomile was traditionally used in ancient Greece, Egypt and beyond to aid relaxation. Give these treats to your dog before stressful situations such as visits to the vets, Christmas, car journeys, fireworks, competitions, separation or just as a nice bedtime treat. These are the perfect product to eliminate anxiety.





Baby Fresh Dog Cologne – £7 Baby Fresh Dog Cologne

This spray is every dog owners DREAM! In between times of bathing your pets, this is essential. I used this a week ago when I groomed and sprayed our dogs, and they still smell beautiful. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends with pets. I love it so much, that I’ve even sprayed some of our soft furnishings with it, haha.





Gifts For The Kitties

Cute Catnip Toys x 3 – £8.99 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets Under £10

Our Maine Coon adores these catnip toys, and he’s very particular. He’s forever rolling all over them, licking them and throwing them in the air. It’s hilarious and adorable at the same time. They are really well made and have so far withstood his best attempts at getting inside.




Cat Feather Toy With 9 Refills – £8.99

Cat Feather Toy With 9 Refills - £8.99

Now this one is fantastic! I bought it as a present for our cat and he goes crazy for it. He loves all of the different attachments and they are easy to switch, it takes about 5 seconds.

The variety of toys is great. It also comes with 2 handles, so I can keep one downstairs and one upstairs for fun all around the house.

Really good quality and the feathers haven’t come out of any of the toys despite rigorous play. Easy to assembly, comfortable to hold, and fun for everyone.




Catit Double Diner – £9.99 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets Under £10

Love these bowls! I have had several different kinds of bowl for my cat over the years, and this is the best one by far. The plastic is smooth and sturdy, no cracks or warping. The design is sturdy too, and doesn’t slide around as he eats or drinks.

The size is just right for kitty portions. The steel bowls lift out easily, which is more convenient for washing and re-filling. Overall I think they’re more hygienic.




Wiggling Fish Catnip Cat Toy – £5.94 Wiggling Fish Catnip Cat Toy - £5.94

This is brilliant! I love the way that it doesn’t just sit there flapping until the power runs down. It flaps for a short while then stops. Then when the cat touches it, it starts to flap again.

My cat thought it was great fun. He spent ages trying to kill the fish!! This is a really good idea. It charges up quite quickly too. Recommended. Good value. There are others out there more expensive but why would you pay more for the same thing? Buy it, your cat will thank you.

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