How To Tell If Your Gucci Marmont Velvet Bag is Fake

How To Tell If Your Gucci Marmont Velvet Bag is Fake

We know how many of our readers are Gucci lovers, this is why we decided to write a guide for you to be able to tell if your Gucci bag is real.

Since 2015, when designer and creative director Alessandro Michele sent his imaginative visions down the Gucci runway, the 100-year-old brand is once again fashion’s darling. Which as you probably know, usually leads to it becoming counterfeiter’s darling too!

To help you avoid falling victim to counterfeiters, we’ve put together an advice guide on identifying dupe Gucci bags.


Like almost all designer handbags, the hardware on an authentic Gucci handbag can be a quick indicator of whether it is real or fake. Cheap hardware is the first sign of a replica Gucci bag. Real Gucci hardware is sturdy, solid metal, and most pieces (from the snaps to the zip) are cleanly engraved with the word Gucci.

For bags including the Gucci signature leather tassel, such as those in the Gucci Soho collection, the connecting rings should all be complete circles without any gaps whatsoever. On the hardware of the tassel, there is one stud around the top that will have a diagonal line through it. Fake hardware will almost always be lightweight in comparison.

In addition, as of 2016, there has been an important change to brand. A new designer has updated the logo so that the letters are no longer interlocking, instead they are overlapping. The new G is also sleeker and the top opening is more pointed.

Serial Number

The serial number tag is one of the best ways to distinguish real from fake. The Gucci serial number is usually located on a leather patch sewn at its top to the inside of the bag; it is not sewn down on all sides. The tag should be a square, or a slight rectangle.

Bags from the 90s were slightly rounded at the bottom, and some of their details are a bit different. The trademark symbol is not there, and instead of being all lowercase, the words made in Italy are uppercase. The word Gucci is the same.

The serial number is on the reverse side of the leather Gucci tag. It’s usually made up of two numbers, one atop the other. (It may also be in one continuous line.) On top is the style number and below is the supplier code. The number corresponds to a style. If you Google that number and what comes up is a totally different bag, that’s a HUGE red flag.

For example, if you have a marmont, and when you search for that number you get a wallet, clearly something is off. The serial number should include a total of between 10-13 numbers. As with the hardware, if the stamp is uneven or generally unrefined, think again.

Controllato Card

The controllato card comes with every newly purchased Gucci bag. Controllato means ‘checked’ and its presence is evidence that the bag was inspected after being made. However, keep in mind that counterfeiters who can successfully replicate a leather bag can also duplicate a simple paper tag.

Real controllato cards have the Gucci logo in the centre, below that the word “controllato” in lower case letters and below that are the numbers 1234567890. Then again, a fake might have this, too. The controllato card will be white in older ones and off white in newer ones.

Remember that the card can be moved from one bag to another, since it is totally separate from the bag itself. It can also easily be lost over time, therefore just because a bag doesn’t have a card with it, that does not necessarily mean you should reject it as a counterfeit.

The Lock

On many Gucci Marmont replicas you’ll see that the lock is quite bronze in colour. On the authentic versions of these bags, the lock is most definitely gold.

The Heart

I love the cute looking heart on the back of the authentic bags. Not so much on the counterfeit versions. 

On authentic bags the heart is smaller, centred and located on the bottom of the bag. Whilst the heart on the fake model is larger and is located in the middle, which should not be the case.

In addition to the sizing and location of the heart, the general shape is usually messed up too.

QR Codes

QR codes are a much more recent addition to Gucci bags in the fight against counterfeited items. These codes can be scanned with your phone to ensure the handbag’s authenticity. Similarly to the Gucci serial numbers, these QR codes are not unique. They can be found on a small black fabric loop inside your Gucci bag. The code will be printed clearly with white font and a 10-digit code.

It’s all in the details

In conclusion, knowing the details about a Gucci bag, and what to look closely for when buying one, can help you make a purchase you can feel confident about. Gucci offers a huge amount of styles, which can make it particularly challenging to spot a counterfeit one. Spend time on the website to learn what’s available and the details of each bag.

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