How To Find the Best 11 Plus Tutors In Essex

How To Find the Best 11 Plus Tutors In Essex

It can be surprising to hear that some children are tutored for the Eleven Plus. The advice given in many areas is that preparation for the 11+ tests is unnecessary. This advice tends to mostly be given out in areas where the tests consist of only Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning, the argument appears to be that these papers test innate ability and therefore they cannot be taught.

Whilst it may be true that Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning tests do assess innate ability, tutoring can of course provide increased familiarity with the question types and therefore allows the child to practise the techniques needed to solve them, in much the same way as most things in life, it becomes easier the more often you do it. A good place to start your search is to contact The Tutors’ Association, most tutorial companies and freelance tutors are members of this professional organisation although some work only in London.

Do also ask friends, family and parents, because word of mouth recommendation is often the best starting point.

If you can’t find a local tutor with whom you’d like to work to then you might want to consider online 11-plus tuition, unlimited by location you can focus on finding the best tutor for your children. Reputable tutorial companies will always interview prospective tutors face to face and monitor tutors’ professional success. Tutoring companies also should ensure that all tutors have a DBS check. It’s worth looking out for companies who are members of The Tutors’ Association. Do ask independent tutors for their DBS checks and references.

Please remember however, that it is entirely possible to prepare your own child for the 11 Plus. Do ask schools you intend to apply to about how best you can prepare your child. The most practical advice is: practice, practice, practice, especially at completing answers under timed conditions. Do ask prospective schools for sample 11-plus examination papers; these are sometimes available on school websites. A tutoring company will often have excellent resources to stimulate intellectual enquiry and extend a child’s enjoyment of learning.

Visits to museums, art galleries, concerts, plays, sporting events, historic places. Or places of interest also provide the opportunity to spark a child’s enthusiasm. Remember, schools are looking for children who enjoy learning at every opportunity. There are a lot of revision guides available. But the best thing is to ask the school about which books are the best fit. As there is a big difference between non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning. In addition, some schools set their own bespoke exams. Don’t guess; ask the school. If you’re a parent looking for an 11 plus tutor in Essex, you can find out more here and also find out more here.

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