Easy DIY Ways to Make Entertaining Easier This Spring

Easy DIY Ways to Make Entertaining Easier This Spring

Plan Recipes In Advance

Chop and measure vegetables and store them in the fridge; you’ll be amazed how much time it saves you on the day of your event. If you’re baking, you can measure out all your dry goods ahead of time too.

Add Colour To Your Table

Crudité platters, cakes, or pretty hors d’oeuvres like prosciutto-wrapped asparagus can add to the table. Set up some of your dishes on cake stands to add height and depth to your Spring display.

Make A Playlist

When you send your invite, ask everyone to tell you their favorite song or artist when they RSVP. Then, create a custom playlist for the occasion based on them.

Beverage Bar

Free up some of your time by letting guests help themselves to a refreshing drink. Set out glasses, napkins, pitchers of beverages and garnishes just before guests arrive. Infuse water with citrus slices and fresh herbs.

Nice Ice

For a festive touch, drop a raspberry, pomegranate seeds, citrus slices or herbs into ice cube trays when you’re filling them up.

Always Set the Table Ahead

Planning a Sunday dinner? Spend Saturday setting the table so when you wake up in the morning you’ll have time to focus on cooking.


You should make floral arrangements a couple of days ahead. Add a few drops of bleach to flower water once you’ve filled the vase. This will help them last longer and prevents the water from ever getting cloudy.

Invite Everyone To Bring A Dish

Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Guests will probably want to bring a gift anyway; make it easy by telling them they can bring a side dish or dessert.

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