Arty Lobster Made a Pet Sculpture of Teddy – Cuuuuute!

I’m ridiculously excited about this, Arty Lobster created a beautiful pet sculpture of Vivre Le Rêve pupster, Teddy! Arty Lobster creates unique 3D printed pet sculptures from your photos. You give them 5-10 photos of your pet, and they create a sculpture in three dimensions on a computer, in the shape of your dog, cat, horse or other pet.

Their skilled artists use the latest sculpting software and the process of modelling is completely hand-crafted in order to create a unique sculpture, that is the reason why only their sculptures reproduce that specific way of looking or that pose you are really into! They colour the model exactly as your pet. Once they have this perfect copy inside a computer, they use 3D printing technology to make a full colour sandstone sculpture of the pet. This physical figurine is a one of a kind unique sculpture that looks just like your pet. They then post the sculpture to you from London, UK, within 6 weeks. In addition to full colour sandstone, they can also 3D print sculptures in porcelain and even bronze.

Many of their sculptures are bought as gifts, they are a perfect choice for a friend or relative who has everything. Is it your loved-ones birthday? Or maybe your parents would love a sculpture? They are also a lovely way to create memorial for your pet, as they are able to create a beautiful sculpture from photos. If you have recently lost your dog, they know how soul destroying this can be. As they can work with your pictures, they are able to create a memorial sculpture of your dog even after your dog has passed away. In fact, many of their sculptures are ordered by people who want to remember their wonderful companion.

Owners of all dogs know that their pet friends are unique and it is almost impossible to get a dog keepsake that really looks like yours. Mass-produced sculptures of dogs similar to yours -but not yours- hardly will show off how special and beloved your four legged friend is. However, an Arty Lobster sculpture will be a complete replica to your pet. No matter whether they are a perfect breed, a cross-breed, an unknown breed or mongrel, no matter their shape and size, at Arty Lobster they can create a sculpture of your pet.

The result is a perfect reminder of your pet at your work desk, the best keepsake of a pet that sadly has passed away or the best surprise gift for a pet lover. Many dogs are not purebred, but mixed with one or more other breeds. At Arty Lobster, they love cross-breeds, because this is where their attention to detail and personal modelling works best. They will look at the pictures you give them and make sure that they really are modelling your specific dog. And the best bit? They can do any pet as a sculpture, even horses. You can use discount code DCFRIENDS on Arty Lobster to get 10% off your order too!

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