BRB.. Just Lusting Over Curated Wish Lists On Peddler

Today I’d like to talk to you about a little gem I’ve found called Peddler. Peddler is the first social marketplace where you can buy the things you want together with people all over the world. They connect users and merchants, allowing them to form one single unstoppable community.

The way it works is simple; you tell them what you want, they work on connecting you with the merchants who can offer it. With support from the like-minded Peddlers and the buying power of the crowd, you get your dream product for less. Because merchants can reach entire communities of customers with a single action, this ultimately reduces the cost of the sale.

We love that they built their own community before building Peddler. Their experienced team has come together from all over the world bringing their specialist skills and interests. It’s refreshing that they are a group with big aims to democratise eCommerce, make online shopping social, bring transparency and trust to the offers merchants can make on Peddler.

I’ve literally spent all day playing around with Peddler, it’s clearly built with the user in mind. I put together my own wish list of lifestyle products that I think you may also be interested in. Adding new products to Peddler is very simple – find the product online, paste the link in the Peddle It page and the site will automatically obtain information about your chosen products including images, descriptions and more.

My lifestyle wishlist is made up of some of the following items:


John Lewis West Elm Terrace Bar Cart, Antique Brass – £399



John Lewis LSA International Pearl Vase – £28


Myakka Hathi Blanket Box – £249


IKEA Pendant Lamp – £70


Hush Cashmere Throw – £300

Peddler really is the marketplace where you come together with others to get the best prices on your dream products. Tell them what you’d like to see – all you need is a link, and they’ll do the hard work for you. Add products to your own Wish List or co-curate with fellow Peddlers to inspire others. On, like-minded people can shop together for the things they love and get them for less. Your Peddled products attract merchants, brands and makers looking to make you and your fellow peddlers a great offer. Harness the power of the crowd and unlock the price you want, you can choose to Buy and the current unlocked price is guaranteed. As more Peddlers purchase the offer, lower prices unlock. You’ll only pay the lowest price unlocked. You can also choose to Reserve, you get the offer at the lowest possible price, but only if there are enough purchases made before the offer ends.

We think that this new social buying platform is super exciting and exactly what’s been missing from the market. We’re looking forward to compiling more lists together with our readers and ultimately getting the best deal for the products we can’t live without.

Welcome to Vivre Le Rêve, an online lifestyle magazine for all those who are or who want to be living the dream! I’m Rose, the lifestyle editor here at Vivre Le Rêve.