Are Thoughts Actually Things?

Are Thoughts Actually Things?

Are thoughts actually things? Many years before mainstream interest in the Law of Attraction, author Prentice Mulford wrote about how what we talk about and think about is what we are attracting to ourselves in our lives. He explained how, for example, people who talk about suffering eventually bring suffering to themselves in some form. While there are many today who are familiar with these metaphysical ideas, Mulford also discusses many thought-power topics that are less widely known. 

It’s true that we as humans tend to spend a lot of our time looking backward, often times with regret. Imagine if we spent that valuable time looking forward? If you want to go backward in every sense, mental and physical, keep on living regretfully in your past. 

Your spiritual side wants change.

It doesn’t care very much at all for the past. It wants and expects to be different this time next year. For it already knows that this intense desire to remember itself for what it was impedes its advancement towards greater power and ultimately greater pleasure.

Your past has done its work for you already. In doing that work it brought you possibly more pain than pleasure. Why would you want to bring with you the memory of painful moments? Especially when such feelings bring more pain and actively keep away any pleasure.  If you genuinely can’t stop thinking of negative memories, demand of the universe and universal energy to help you, and such help will come. If you want to grow weak and old before your time then by all means continue to live in the past.

When we are children, the spiritual side of ourselves has the chance to enjoy youthfulness, because it has not yet loaded up with false beliefs and regrets. The happiness of children, is due to the cheerfulness of spirit relieved of the burden that is carried in a past existence. The best bit? You can start the clear out process now, by deciding, to cast off the memory of everything in the past that has hurt you.

Every single regret you carry around with you, takes so much out of your life.

When we consistently live in the past we are bringing back on ourselves any old sadness and mental condition belonging to that past. This feeling constantly entertained will bring on some form of physical ailment. The ailment belongs to a condition of mind which we should be done with forever. If we are looking forward we shall shake it off and be better and healthier than ever before. If the main thought in our minds is that of looking backward, the ultimate result will be serious to the body.

Examples of this:

“I have made so many mistakes in my life. I will always be a failure.” That is because you are looking back, living in your failure and thereby bringing to yourself more of the same. Start telling yourself the opposite on a consistent basis and you will enjoy a successful future.

“Marriages always fail. I’ll never find a faithful partner.” Once again, this is looking back, bringing yourself more of the same and reinforcing your negative beliefs.

“I am always ill” Because you are looking back, living in your past aches, pains and illnesses and thereby bringing more on you!

Power comes from looking forward with hope

Hope of expecting and demanding better things to come. That is using universal energy as it was intended, and when we follow it we live in that place both physically and mentally. 

However, we certainly shouldn’t reject all of our memories. Only the ones that make us sad and bring us negative feelings. Enjoy the memories of whatever part of your past gives you healthy enjoyment. But if any of these memories make you bitter or mournful, reject them instantly. Our future joy lies in controlling our thoughts and getting our thoughts from sources of health, happiness and wellbeing. Is there any reason at all to allow things to have access to you that cause hurt and pain? 

I’d love to hear your results from this. What do you think about this topic? Do you think that thoughts are actually things?Remember, you can ask me anything and our social community is only a click away. You can join in and comment here, or on any of our social pages.  Our readers are a truly special group. This group is filled with big-hearted, supportive people, all keen to celebrate the wins, troubleshoot the tricky spots, and share the journey. It’s my absolute favourite place to hang out online!

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