Amendment is Mercy. How to Use it to Rewrite Bad Memories

Amendment is Mercy. How to Use it to Rewrite Bad Memories

Amendment is mercy. In your mind, amend any recent event or memory that isn’t as you’d like it to be. Change it to what you want. Do this all day, as your day unfolds. Go through and amend your entire day at the end of the day before you go to sleep.

You create your own reality, your memory is not fixed, it is whatever you want it to be.

Every time you remember an event, you are actually recalling the last time you remembered it, not the original event. Every time you access a memory, it is as though you are accessing a file on your computer. You control it, you are capable of adding to it, removing parts of it and completely changing the order of it.

This is an extremely powerful tool. Let’s walk through an example:

Imagine that you had a bad incident with an unfair employer when you were a teenager, they were exploiting you and when you confronted them about it you were fired in front of everyone. Now, that’s a pretty negative memory. One that would probably stay with someone for a long time and potentially impact their confidence within job roles in the future.

So, how do we change it? We recall the memory, piece by piece and edit it, completely rewrite the story. Maybe now instead of being fired in front everyone, your unruly employer presents you with an award? Visualise it and feel the feelings of what that difference does to you, physically and emotionally.

Make it vivid!

What does it smell like? Remember that moving images are easier for us to remember so add movement. Do you open a door? What are the sounds of the place? Is it busy? Are there other people there? Who? Keep going, eventually when you’ve corrected and cleaned it all up. Replay it again.

The next time you try to remember the original memory, you’ll remember your corrected version with your amendment. DO this for everything that’s ever caused you pain in your life. By doing this you will heal any old unsurfaced wounds that are allowing negative energy to keep you a prisoner. You will feel lighter. Remember, you are the master of your own reality and you can create it!

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