9 Tips on Caring for Your Gold Plated Jewelry

If you have made an investment in a beautiful piece of gold plated jewelry you will want to protect the item in order to preserve its value and keep it looking as stunning as the day you bought it.

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If you take the plunge and buy one of these items of jewelry you will want to know how to take care of it in the best possible way, so here are some tips on how to do that.

Understanding what gold plated is

A good starting point would be to get to know the characteristics of gold plated jewelry so that you have a good understanding of how it will respond to being worn and what you need to keep it clean and shiny.

Gold plated jewelry is an excellent option if you love buying fashionable items and want to stay within a budget in the process.

The process of gold plating involves using electrolysis or chemicals as a way of applying a very thin layer of gold over a lower-value metal, such as copper or silver.

The gold layer can potentially fade and tarnish over time if you don’t take care of it. This is down to the molecules of the base metal transferring to the layer of gold over a period of time.

Be vigilant with certain substances

You will obviously want your gold plated jewelry to look its best and the same applies to how you look too, which means that you may use products such as nail polish, oils, and perfumes.

The problem with substances like these is that they have the ability to react with your jewelry and the end result will be some tarnishing.

This is avoidable to a certain extent if you take a bit of extra care around these substances and the best tip is to remove your jewelry before applying any of these items to your skin or nails and only put it back on once everything has had a chance to dry.

Sweat can be an enemy too

It is also well worth pointing out that sweat can cause your gold plated jewelry to tarnish.

If you are going to do some running or swimming, or any sort of physical exercise that is going to make you break out into a sweat the best thing to do would be to remove your jewelry beforehand.

Perfumes can be harmful

Perfumes deserve a special mention as the chemicals used to make your favorite fragrance have the capacity to interact with your jewelry in a bad way, causing the gold plating to lose its shine if too much perfume is sprayed on the metal over a period of time.

Again, a simple and effective tip would be to spray your perfume and let it sink into your skin before putting your jewelry on.

The same applies to lotions and creams

You will probably have a cleaning and beauty regime that involves applying certain creams and body lotions to keep your skin looking as good as possible.

The potential issue to think about is that these lotions and creams could cause damage to the gold plating over time, especially if you are applying them on a daily basis with your jewelry on.

Don’t put your jewelry on until the cream has been fully absorbed into your skin so that your skin and your gold have the greatest opportunity to look their best at all times.

A quick clean after use

Although you might be tempted to simply put your jewelry away after use until the next time you want to wear it, you will prolong its life and lustre for much longer if you commit to a quick cleaning routine before putting it away.

All you need to do is use a cotton ball, like the ones you might use for your face, and remove any dust or dirt that might have settled on the surface while you were out and about.

Another option would be to buy a soft jewelry cloth to buff it up gently and restore its shine.

This simple cleaning routine won’t take any time at all but it could make a big difference to the life and appearance of your gold plated jewelry.

Don’t be tempted by jewelry cleaners

There are products available that claim to be the perfect solution for cleaning your jewelry but they are not always suited to gold plated items and as you can’t be totally sure of the ingredients it is best to give these offerings a wide berth.

You don’t need to spend money on them anyway as you can do the job with some warm soapy water.

Carefully immerse the item in the solution and then gently clean any dirt with a soft brush.

Watch out for scratching

Scratches can be frustrating as they can start to spoil the look of your jewelry but it is quite easy to minimize the prospect of damage with a bit of care in how you store your gold plated item.

The best storage option would be to wrap the jewelry in a soft cloth after you have cleaned it and keep it away from different types of jewelry so that the two don’t come into contact with each other.

Take your jewelry off at night

It might be tempting to climb into bed after a big night out and a long day but you will risk the prospect of friction tarnishing your jewelry while you move around in bed during the night.

Any sort of friction can soon wear away the gold plating so be mindful of giving each item the best chance of looking its best every time you decide to wear it.

Gold plated jewelry can give you years of enjoyment if you take as much care looking after each item as you did in choosing it.

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