How to Prepare for Christmas Early – Week Ten

Though we love the process of getting ready for Christmas, it can sometimes be overwhelming and feel like one giant, stressful to-do list. But if you’re feeling swamped, fear not. We’re is on hand to offer up some handy Christmas countdown organisation tips.

To-Do Jobs Around the Home

  • Clean out the refrigerator. Get organised by making space for Christmas cooking. It’s time to start tossing expired bottles and jars.
  • Clean out the freezer. Make room for Christmas baking and the results of a freezer cooking session.
  • Clean out the pantry. Clean shelves and organize the survivors for efficient holiday cooking.

Christmas Prep Checklist

  • Start a freezer inventory.
  • Inventory the pantry.
  • Review recipes and make a shopping list. This week sees some of the year’s lowest prices at the supermarket. Check recipes and make a shopping list. Include all items that you’ll need for the rest of the season.
  • Eat from the freezer and pantry this week.
  • Stockpile freezer meals. In December, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having dinner ready to go on busy nights.
  • Check out cooking equipment. Do you have all the equipment you’ll need to cook for Christmas? Kitchen equipment goes on sale soon!
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