Our Favourite Skincare Tips & Tricks

Our Favourite Skincare Tips & Tricks

Soothing Soak

“Boil a large pot of water with a generous handful of chamomile leaves and rosemary. Cook for 15 minutes, then strain and add the liquid to your bath once it cools. Dry patches and redness will disappear and you’’ll feel so relaxed.

Look For This Ingredient

“My Holy Grail skincare product is a topical retinoid [based on retinol, a vitamin A derivative]. It can stimulate cell turnover to reduce the appearance of lines, pores and hyperpigmentation and brighten.

Massage Your Cheeks

“Every day, I massage my face as I wash it. The motion increases circulation and gives skin a natural radiance. Do a few upward and downward strokes on each cheek to see an effect.

To Instantly Ease Irritation

Keep your skincare products in the refrigerator. Cleansing, toning and moisturising with cool-temperature formulas will constrict capillaries to reduce redness.

Maintain Your Weight

“Fluctuations can stretch skin, causing facial volume loss and sagging. I try to keep a very consistent body weight so my face stays full. It’s— important for looking youthful in your 30s, 40s and beyond!

Regulate Oil Production

By balancing breakout treatments like salicylic acid with daily application of moisturiser. If you remove too much oil, skin can react by producing more.”

Shrink Pores

The best way to decrease the size of pores is to remove the dirt and oil within them, because the debris makes them appear larger. A mask based on activated charcoal, like this one by Clinique, works like a magnet to quickly draw impurities out of your skin.”

Eat To Repair Skin Damage

To repair skin damage, like dehydration, spots, lines. Try to include liberal amounts of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet daily.”

Baby Your Face

“You wouldn’’t wash an infant’s fragile skin with harsh cleansers; think of a parched complexion the same way. Gentle, unscented bars like Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar and Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar cleanse without stripping nutrient oils.


“Good hydration is crucial for keeping maturing skin supple and dewy. I apply face oil to my damp face for maximum moisture. I also use an exfoliating glycolic toner, to smooth texture and fine lines.”
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