5 Stunningly Beautiful Towns To Visit in Germany

5 Stunningly Beautiful Towns To Visit in Germany

Whenever you think of alpine views, enchanting castles, beautiful medieval towns and the wonderful Christmas markets there’s only one country to think of and that’s Germany. So

we’re going to try and focus on a few of the towns in the middle of the country with some extras here are five beautiful towns to visit in Germany.


Number one is Monschau is a town in western Germany near the Belgium border and a place where time seems to have stood still for over three centuries.

Monschau’s romantic lanes and beautifully timbered houses and of course the medieval walls make it the perfect place for a quiet and restful holiday but be warned it can get very touristy.

Don’t forget to head to the 13th-century castle. Though tours of the castle are not really offered you can enjoy a lovely view of the town from its courtyard and the courtyard is also the venue for occasional festivals and concerts. However, the real heart of Monschau is made up of row upon row of picture book timbered framed houses.


Number two is Naumburg. Naumburg is a town located in central Germany with a population of roughly 33,000. It is a picturesque town surrounded by rolling green vineyards and some say it boasts some of the most delicious wines in the country. Irrespective of which time of the year you visit you are likely to witness some fun celebrations or events centring around wine taking place in Naumburg. Especially with the biggest wine festival in town hosted in August.

Though the wine lovers don’t need another reason to visit this town the late Romanesque cathedral of Naumburg is a stunning sight in its own right.


Number three is Dresden. Dresden is a vibrant riverfront city filled with Baroque and Rococo architecture. A stroll through the old town takes you back to Dresden’s opulent past with its grand palaces and cathedral.

These historical sites have been faithfully reconstructed since the end of World War 2. Many of them display various treasures such as ancient weaponry and paintings by renowned artists.

You’re also just a short jump away from some of Germany’s most stunning wilderness. Such as the Saxon Switzerland National Park which is the only national park and only rock national park in Germany.


Number four is Eisenach. Eisenach is a town in central Germany known for its medieval castle which sits on a high rock overlooking the countryside.

Now it doesn’t have the medieval charm like some other German towns. But it has a pleasant collection of squares and narrow streets to explore. The main reason to visit is its historical sites.


Number five is Blaubeuren in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. Around two hours from Munich by car, you will find the small town of Blaubeuren. It’s a perfect stop on a road trip through Germany. It’s also worth visiting on a day trip from Munich just to see the abbey and the insanely blue lake.

Very close to this blue lake you will find the Blaubeuren Abbey. The best way to explore it is by buying a ticket that gives you access to both the cloister and the bathhouse of the monks.

Other highlights are walking through the old town. This is where you will find the half-timbered German houses which are perfect for photography. Remember to follow the arrows as they take you past the most interesting buildings.

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The best time to visit Germany is during the spring or autumn months, specifically May or October. The spring is often met with moderate temperatures, and rain showers, but fewer crowds.

Summer is peak season and locals rejoice as the weather finally warms up, and the sunshine arrives. Pack light clothing and expect large crowds if you visit during the summer months. Autumn welcomes the cool down from the summer and begins the changing of the leaves.

As for festivals, Oktoberfest takes place from late September to early October, and the famous Christmas markets begin at the end of November through the New Year!

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