You Cannot Please All of the People, All of the Time – Christmas Edition

Heed me! I am the ghost of Christmas past and I’m reminding you that even if you run yourself into the ground trying to make everything perfect, it rarely ever ends in festive harmony.

With the best of intentions, such is life. There will always be somebody that isn’t happy about something. There’s always one though, isn’t there? A snobby remark about your shop-bought honey roast parsnips? Your artificial tree?

We will be pleasing ourselves indeed, I will also not be dragging the boy out to visit anyone. I think it’s mighty mean to take a child away from his gifts at Christmas and the onus is surely on the adults to do the schlepping around, what with Christmas apparently being all about the kids, hm?

My advice is to please yourself, I’ve learnt over the years that my favourite part of Christmas is special food, family time and watching my boy open his gifts. I refuse to burn myself out by chasing an imaginary perfect Christmas, that simply does not exist. This year, we are staying home and doing very little. Everyone is welcome, but standards will be relaxed and pyjamas may or may not be worn all day, I haven’t decided yet, ha!

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