What We Think of The Beko One Touch Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

May 14, 2019 53 comments
What We Think of The Beko One Touch Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

The Which? Best Buy award-winning Beko One Touch Bean-to-Cup Espresso Machine (CEG5301X) boasts a pre-brew function to extract the aromas from the coffee beans and an integrated stainless-steel grinder for fine-tuning the strength of the brew.

This machine can create everything from a strong brew to kick start the day to a subtle mid-afternoon boost. The LED touch system provides practical and easy usage and also includes a descaling and rinse programme to ensure the machine continues to work at its best.

Complete with a steam wand, it’s ideal if you love lattes and cappuccinos but want to stop spending a fortune at your local coffee shop.  The stylish and versatile machine can produce up to 15 coffees with every bean re-fill!

The machine has a sleek, sophisticated appearance and operation. Unlike other machines in a similar price range, the self cleaning occurs when the machine is turned on/off, and not after every cup, which is more convenient. The machine is compact and occupies less space. You may be able to program the machine to deliver exactly how much drink you want in each cup.

However, some things to consider are that in comparison to other Beko machines available for similar prices, there are fewer types of coffee functions than the other models. Also, in our opinion, the included instruction manual is not thorough enough in covering the details of the machine.

One touch LCD control

The LCD touch control panel makes it easy to choose between functions and gives your coffee machine a sleek and professional edge.

19 bar pressure

The higher the pressure the deeper the aroma and texture of the coffee as the oils and fats remain in the brew. You get a faster, foamier espresso with a full-bodied taste.

Pre-brewing system

Pre-brewing gives your coffee a quick power burst which releases the oils, providing the maximum amount of aroma and depth. The process ensures a richness of extraction with every cup.

Removable Water Tank

You don’t need to worry about refilling your coffee machine with a jug of water anymore thanks to the easy-to-use, removable water tank.

One touch single or double espresso

Touch control so you can choose one shot or two without having to make complicated adjustments.

Auto Rinse

Keep your Bean To Cup Coffee Machine at its best with our automated cleaning programmes. When the machine goes into standby mode, select the auto rinse to wash it through. Prevent any build up by rinsing and using the descale cleaning programmes on a regular basis.

At the touch of a button, enjoy a barista style coffee experience from the comfort of your home. Compatible with coffee beans, pre-programmed coffees at the touch of a button. The memory function remembers your favourite drinks and it can make both single and double shots of espresso.

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  1. I like to alter my coffee depending on how tired I am, I usually have it with two sugars and milky but when I’ve been up most of the night with my 2 year old daughter I have a strong cuppa to wake me up enough to do the school run with my 14 and 6 year old children xx

  2. I love a hot cup of coffee before I wake my children for school in the morning, as soon as they wake my 2nd cup gets cold and only half drank as the school morning routine is manic with a 14 6 and 2 year old to get ready, but I wouldnt have it any other way xx

  3. I know it sounds strange but when I was a teenager I loved tea and coffee together, IdI make a cup of tea and add a spoonful of coffee, its really nice xx

  4. I really like coffee. My daily cup is a strong black filter. For special occasions I will try all coffees available. Just love it….addicted? possibly yes.

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