What Are the 9 Types of Family Disputes That Are Commonly Seen in Practice?

Many family groups can often feature a scenario where notable disagreements escalate into a legal battle.

Here is a look at some typical family disputes and a brief overview of what lawyers do to try and protect your interests.

A mediator could help.

No matter how negative things have become due to a family dispute. It makes sense to try and open a channel of communication to resolve matters.

Whether you are considering filing for divorce or have had a worrying confrontation with another family member that needs sorting asap, it is well worth considering the idea that you use a third-party mediator to try and find a solution without resorting to litigation.

Mediation can often give everyone that vital bit of time to digest the situation. And work on a viable plan that can be agreed upon between all parties. A judge may well ask why you have not tried meditation before taking it to a court hearing. It might even prove to be a prerequisite before the judge allows your case to be heard.

Talk to your lawyer about mediation to try to resolve a family dispute.

Child custody

If you are going through a divorce or that has already happened. There is the prospect that you might need to use a lawyer to get child custody and visitation rights sorted out.

This is a typical problem regarding family disputes. Many lawyers who specifically practice family law are often well-placed to do all the right things to achieve a successful outcome.

Arguments over assets

Things can soon escalate out of control if you are not careful once you enter the legal arena and start fighting with someone else over a topic that is as emotive as it is challenging to sort out.

A typical example would be a family dispute about unequal asset distribution among family members.

Unmarried financial disputes

Not all couples living together get married. Which can sometimes cause an issue when there is a financial issue to resolve.

Suppose the relationship breaks down, and there are arguments over money and liabilities. In that case, it can become even more complicated when no marriage agreement is binding you together from a legal perspective.

Seeing the grandchildren

Suppose a breakdown has occurred in the family. Creating an acrimonious situation where one side of the family is not talking to the other. In that case, it can mean that grandparents miss out on seeing their grandchildren.

It is not unusual to see grandparents use a lawyer to obtain access to their grandchildren.

Separating a jointly owned property

Another typical scenario where a family lawyer might need to step in is when a property is held in one or more names, and there is a dispute about who should get what.

Untangling financial affairs and distributing assets in the fairest way possible is a challenge that many lawyers are tasked with achieving daily on behalf of their clients.

A very challenging subject

There will always be varying degrees of family disputes. Some involve minor arguments that have gotten out of hand, while others are far more challenging to deal with.

If there is a dispute over the welfare of a child or if allegations of neglect or abuse are made. It is imperative that a family lawyer is given the opportunity to defend against these allegations and find a way to bring the matter to a close.

Parental responsibility

There might be a family dispute scenario where there are grounds to suggest that someone should have their parental rights terminated.

This is a drastic step and is often a last resort. Still, it is clear that a professional with family law experience could prove crucial in such a highly charged when it comes to parental responsibility.

Inheritance disputes

If there is one type of family dispute that will rear its ugly head more often than almost any other topic, it is the subject of wills and inheritance.

When a family member passes away, they might not provide details of how they want their assets distributed. There is also the distinct possibility that even when the family member has outlined how they wish to distribute their wealth. It could be contested by someone who feels they have a more significant claim to the estate.

Challenging a will and its contents is rarely straightforward. And this would be a typical family dispute where you need professional guidance. To achieve a suitable solution and outcome.

The sort of argument that could come up would be that the benefactor had been coerced to change their will. Or that the deceased was not of sound mind when they wrote their last will and testament.

Having highlighted some essential family disputes. It is also worth saying that lawyers clearly understand how emotive and deeply personal the argument is to their client.

There may be a black-and-white solution available to a family dispute. But when family dynamics come into play. Lawyers often need to keep this in their mind when they are tasked with finding a good solution.

If you have a family dispute tearing the fabric of family life and relationships apart. It would be a good idea to seek out some legal help to put things right and achieve an amicable and viable solution.

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