Changing Room Challenges Everyone Has Dealt With…

Changing Room Challenges Everyone Has Dealt With...

Changing room challenges: the necessary evil that we are so happy to see die out. Thanks to the wonders that are online shopping, your home is now your own personal changing room!

Here are the worst changing room challenges that we’ve all dealt with:

1. Accidentally wearing a dress. So then when you try on a top you have to just imagine what it would look like with actual trousers.

2. When the sales assistant says she likes what you’re wearing but you’re not sure if she’s being honest. Is it rude to ask if she makes commission?

3. When the fitting room is roughly the size of a shoe box. It’s so small you can barely move and you keep bumping your elbows on the walls.

4. When the sales assistant tells you that you can only take 5 pieces in with you. Come on, can’t we bend the rules just this once?

5. Having to run across the shop in your socks to get another size. Because the changing room assistant disappeared.

6. When the changing rooms are locked and you can’t find a single sales assistant to open it for you. How do they run a shop with literally no employees!?

7. Trying on anything that requires you to take off your shoes, you’ll probably just rethink the purchase all together.

8. When the fitting room has terrible lighting. So you can’t tell if you like the skirt, because you can’t really see it.

9. Or it’s hotter than a thousand burning suns. GET ME OUT OF HERE.

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