We Added Salt to Our Coffee and It Tasted Pretty Good..

August 2, 2017 2 comments
We Added Salt to Our Coffee and It Tasted Pretty Good..

This tip has been buzzing around for a little while, apparently if you add a small pinch of salt to a cup of subpar coffee it can help cut the bitterness and produce a smoother drink.

Now, I’ve been subjected to many terrible cups of coffee in my life, so I was curious to see if this actually worked. So I set out to try this on a pretty gross bitter lukewarm vending machine French Roast, armed with salt sachet in hand.

And let me tell you, it really did make the coffee taste better! Seriously, it’s worth stirring a pinch of salt into your mug the next time you’re faced with a terrible cup. You just might like it.

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  1. Salt in Coffee! I did it accidentally once and I cant say I was as overly impressed, but that was probably the amount! To me its a bit like putting pepper on strawberries – some think its great but I am dubious

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