Tips for Throwing a Memorable 30th Birthday Party

Tips for Throwing a Memorable 30th Birthday Party

The big 3-0. While some people may dread the turn of a new decade, you should instead celebrate the end of your 20’s in style with a fabulous birthday party dedicated to the one and only – you. Birthday parties aren’t just for kids, and there is a tonne of ways you can throw a grown-up party for the true “adult” you are.


Your 30th birthday is a milestone in life that you’ll want to share with as many people in your life as possible. That’s why its important to get invitations out early so people can make arrangements in advance. Plus, you’ll probably know a few other people turning 30 in the same year, so make sure your party planned in good time. Rather than just reaching for your phone and sending out a Facebook invite or a text, why not send an invite you’ve designed yourself instead? You can go with any theme you like; some popular ones are butterfly svg invites, circus theme, sunflower svg invites or rose gold themed designs.


This depends on your personality and interests but picks a venue you know you’ll love. Whether that be a paintball field or a bar, whatever you know you’ll enjoy most should be the one you book. If you hire a venue like a bar or a restaurant, you needn’t worry about tacky kids bunting if you’re hoping to decorate. There are plenty of sophisticated party accessories like garlands, tissue paper pom-poms and minimalist balloons to keep things tasteful.


Of course, it’s important to drink responsibly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you’re at it. If you’re having a party at home, this means you can channel your inner mixologist to create some of your favourite drinks and cocktails. If you are going for a theme, maybe recreate some of your favourite drinks from your 20’s for a blast from the past (albeit a terrible one probably). Got a lot of people coming? No problem – mix up a few big bowls of punch that people can serve themselves and let the party commence!


Believe it or not, the internet is a pretty amazing thing – to make the most of it ahead of the big day. Send out a sharable playlist to your friends and family, and let the partygoers collate the best mix of music for the party. By letting everyone add in their favourite songs, you’ll get a great selection of absolute tunes to transport you right back to your teens and your 20’s.

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