This Engagement Ring Rule is No More..

July 28, 2017
This Engagement Ring Rule is No More..

This Engagement Ring Rule is No More..

Recent wedding surveys have been great news for anyone anxious about the cost of getting married. Not only are we apparently now opting for colourful stones over diamonds, which are obviously cheaper, brides are also reportedly choosing more affordable wedding dresses instead of expensive designer gowns.

For a long time, the rule was that engagement rings are to cost at least  three months salary, but a new report suggests that we’re ignoring it altogether. A new survey by insurer Protect Your Bubble has revealed that couples in the UK are spending 19% less on engagement rings – an average of £1,080 – than they did 5-10 years ago when the average was £1,333. Signs appear to suggest that the trend will continue on a downward trajectory.

Out of the 1,235 adults surveyed, 18% more couples admitted to spending less than £500 on engagement rings. And, to really shatter the rule. 47% purchased engagement rings costing less than three weeks’ salary, with 13% spending less than one week’s wage.

It’s always worthwhile shopping around for rings as cost doesn’t always equal quality. You can save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds by shopping online and spending time looking at what is on the market, or going to an independent expert who can offer guidance and advice to help you pick the right ring for your budget.

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