The 10 Best Things About Being A Woman

The 10 Best Things About Being A Woman

1. Makeup is our jam. Obviously, makeup isn’t gender specific, there’s nothing some of us love more than a good transformation.

2. We are crazy organised and fantastic at multi-tasking. Sometimes I even surprise myself when I’m talking on the phone, painting my nails and reading my email at the same time.

3. We have a seriously high tolerance for pain.

4 We’re insanely loyal. If you’re ever in trouble, you can guarantee we’ll have all the receipts to back you up.

5. We are the queens of pettiness. Sure, some people see this as a negative, but those people clearly don’t have a 10-person group chat and a camera roll full of screen grabs.

6. Multiple orgasms.

7. Stats say that we live longer.

8. We use handbags. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my ridiculous Mary Poppins style holdall.

9. We legitimately have so many more clothing options than men.

10. There is no greater thing in this world than girl talk.

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