Does Sun Cream Go Out Of Date?

Does Sun Cream Go Out Of Date?

Does Sunscreen Go Bad?

Most sunscreens do expire and because of this they should come with an expiry date stamped on the box. It is very important not to ignore this as the chemicals do degrade and may well lose their protective effect. As a rule most sun creams will last for ‘at least a year of use’.

What If You Use Expired Sun Cream?

If a sunscreen product has deteriorated, then in theory there is a risk of chemical alteration of the ingredients. There’s a greater likelihood of skin irritations. There will also be a ‘fall in sun protection’ so you’ll probably burn.

What Causes It To Expire?

If the containers are left in direct sunlight even the most stable of formulations can degrade.” Storage is important. Leaving your sunscreen baking in the heat, whether it’s on the beach, or in the car, may trigger degradation of the formula, and that renders the product useless.

So now we all know how to give our sunscreen the longest life possible. Just remember if in doubt, pick up a new bottle, it’s worth protecting your skin no matter what.

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