Review: Prestige Flowers Online Flower Delivery Service

Review: Prestige Flowers Online Flower Delivery Service

You know it’s going to be a good day when flowers arrive. My day changed in an instant. How amazing is that? Such a simple gesture can change your whole day. Which got me thinking, why do we only wait for special occasions to buy someone flowers? Or any gift for that matter? When was the last time you sent someone flowers? I can honestly say the last time I sent flowers was for an Aunt’s birthday, over a year ago. That’s kind of sad.

Flowers are bright, beautiful and they smell amazing. They make us happy every time we see them and when you wake of a morning and the first thing you smell is fresh flowers it sets you up for a brilliant day. We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness, where we do something selfless for someone else. It can be as simple as smiling at someone, or buying the next person in line behind you coffee – but it can also be something kind for someone you know. Pick a friend out of your contacts list on your phone and send them a bunch of flowers by online flower delivery service. Imagine how amazing they will feel.

This absolutely gorgeous bunch of flowers from Prestige Flowers also comes with a little box of British crafted truffles. I adore the mixture of colours used to balance this bouquet. It is incredibly vibrant, and so lush and healthy. I expect this bouquet to last quite a while.

Flowers are an incredible gift, they can say so much and mean so much to different people. And there’s been a big shift in women buying flowers for men and that is amazing. Just because you’re a male doesn’t mean you don’t value a beautiful bunch of flowers. Men need to feel loved and thought of, too.

Flowers provide a way to brighten someone’s day or extend sentiments of love, congratulations or condolences. Most people consider flowers one of nature’s many gifts that often provoke emotional responses. They can be soothing or uplifting. Flowers are appropriate for most any situation and do not require you to be intimate with the recipient. So make today the day that you use an online flower delivery service to buy someone a bunch of flowers. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Head over to Prestige Flowers and take a look at their range of birthday flowers to find the perfect arrangement. Their website has an amazing array of flowers to choose from and they deliver all over the country.

I’d love to hear when was the most surprising time you received flowers or maybe the best time you gave flowers to someone else? Leave your stories in the comments and make sure you share this page with your friends.

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