Review & Giveaway: Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera

Review & Giveaway: Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera

I’m excited to be talking about Furbo today, and firstly, I have to say that Furbo has taken so much of the anxiety away when leaving our dogs alone. It’s also great to be able to check up on them whilst we are at work or know when they’re back from the dog walkers.

The video quality is good but not amazing especially when you zoom but it’s certainly good enough to see what’s going on. Currently, we would 100% recommend and will be doing so to our friend who is about to get a puppy! It also looks great, unlike a lot of cameras so I honestly can’t fault it. Would be great on future models to see improved video quality and ability to swivel camera – although this is wide it is possible for the dog to be out of shot.

This is the device that every worried dog parent needs – my dogs don’t have to stay home alone for too much but I still feel bad when I have to leave them behind.

Furbo showed me that all they do is sleep, so I can enjoy my dog-free time much more now! The setup needed a bit of time (make sure you go close to your Wifi when setting it up) but it’s working perfectly now – it is not the cheapest piece of kit but well worth it, I honestly couldn’t live without it anymore.

Originally sought this out to give us some peace of mind whilst we are away from home. It definitely does that. My dogs recognise when it is in use as the light changes from yellow to blue (colours that dogs can see). They usually look up immediately when I turn it on to watch them, even if I don’t activate the microphone or dispense any treats. Bella and Teddy quickly learned to recognise the noise it makes to signal that treats are coming and come to get them very eagerly. They also seem to recognise my voice when I speak to them through the microphone and will obey commands I give them.

Furbo has ultimately proven to be one of the best gadgets for our dogs!

Now, with furbo I can enjoy my time away simply by having a look at the app and correcting any unwanted behavior through the mic. The treat tosser is so much fun for everyone and I really do notice that they are much calmer. The night vision function is also definitely worth it. Apart from a couple of seconds delay in real time video and the fact that it is still a bit choppy sometimes (especially when my dog is moving fast) I would definitely recommend it!

The night vision camera is great for low light conditions.

It often gives a clearer view than the normal camera, even during the day. It’s super easy to setup, connects great, the video quality is great, once you find the right treats, the feeding is brilliant. The peace of mind it gives you when you have to leave your dogs at home is simply worth every penny.

The Furbo takes their regular kibble as well as various different brands of treats, so long as they are in small pieces. The unit looks easy to clean and the mechanism hasn’t jammed once after dispensing treats hundreds of times now. I love that I can take photos and videos of my dogs and some of the things they get up to when they think I can’t see them. I just wish I could show them the photo evidence of them caught sitting on the sofa!

The barking alerts work well. They are sent promptly and let me check in and decide if I want to speak to the dogs or dispense treats to distract them.

It ignores the gruff and growly noises my dogs make when they are just playing nicely and only picks up and alerts me to a genuine bark. It’s quite a lot bigger than I expected. It’s 9 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 6 inches deep. We have put dry puppy food in it and it flings out about a teaspoon full of little biscuits at a time. It makes a distinctive noise first and after about 3 goes the dogs recognise the sound and come running! You can also program your own noise if you prefer. The lid is made of wood which gives it a cookie jar feel.

The camera defaults to 720p but you can change it to 1080p in the settings. Either way the picture is really good. You get a slight fish eye lens effect which gives a large field of view. You cant move the camera remotely. The free app is also very nice and not glitchy.

We set it up on a shelf in the corner of the room, which works perfectly as I can see most of the room from there and when it shoots out treats they land where they can get to them.

I didn’t have any round treats as suggested, but I found it works with Feelwells training treats so I’ll just stick with that. The cable connected to the Furbo is 2 metres long, which is a good length to reach from the shelf to the plug socket. Though it is just your standard micro USB cable, so if you required longer then it would be easy enough to switch with another one.

All in all I think it, although pricey, is a worthwhile gadget if like me you get withdrawals after being away from your pups too long.

Worth it for the peace of mind and also lots of fun. The treat dispenser feature is great fun, and works perfectly as long as you use non-sticky smallish sized treats. Just experiment with different treats until you find the ones that work best for you. We just use our dog’s kibble and about 5 shoot out at once but that’s fun to watch them finding them all. They can shoot about 4 foot across the room so position your Furbo carefully.

We also love how the Furbo looks and it blends in well with the home. Our family is logged into the same account, and after testing it seems like you can all be logged in at the same time to see the footage. Only thing I think could be improved is the audio quality. It’s not the best, and picks up maybe too much of the background noise. When there’s anything too loud going on it just comes back with the same loud feedback noise.

There is a slight delay on the camera. So it is not ideal for talking to the dogs and timing my words to their behaviour and reactions. But the delay is only about a second so it is not a major issue. Overall, I absolutely love our Furbo. The peace of mind it has given us on the occasions I have needed to leave my dogs at home has been worth it.

This camera will be an investment, not only for your dog but also for the added security of the home.

You can buy a Furbo of your very own here. We’re super excited to be able to offer you the chance to win a Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera for yourself. Just enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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