Qwerkity Easywave Hair Roller Review


The lovely people at Qwerkity have sent me a fantastic product called the Easywave Hair Roller. As you all probably already know, I’m a fan of the big hair look, it’s how I wear my hair most days to be honest, one of the only perks of having immensely thick hair. So when I was asked to try out this product and tell you what I think, I jumped at the chance. Plus, I like my sleep so I’m all for stuff that works whilst you sleep. Aren’t we all? Ha!

It was featured on the TV show Dragons’ Den, and it transforms straight hair into dramatic, perfect waves with the minimum effort overnight. Minimum effort being the key phrase that grabbed my attention here.


I have really long hair and loads of layers it takes me a really long time to curl it with curlers or straighteners, my hairdresser probably dreads my appointments. With the Easywave Hair Roller, I just washed and lightly dried my hair and left it slightly damp. I then wrapped my hair in the band, make sure you section your hair carefully when you put the hair around the Velcro so the curls form nicely over night. and slept in it overnight. The results are incredible, it’s the best no heat curler I’ve come across. I shook my hair upside down to break up the curls and reformed the curls with my fingers, I added some product and hairspray and was good to go! This literally took 5 minutes in the morning and was ready to go. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with thick hair who usually rely on heated styling equipment. It’s better than any blow dry I’ve gotten!


And be prepared for the compliments, because I received an absolute tonne the morning after I used this product, everybody commented about how princessy my hair looked. I think I’m going to start sleeping in it every night and also with no heat damage it’s a nice vacation for my hair.


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