The Easiest Way to Follow a Plant-Based Diet?

The Easiest Way to Follow a Plant-Based Diet?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been lacking momentum since the holiday period. I know it’s a mixture of the couple of extra pounds gained, dark mornings, even darker nights and appalling weather that has us all feeling pretty sluggish. But, gah! Do I hate it. For the last few weeks I’ve been looking into what I can do to feel better. Not just physically, or mentally but a whole body approach. I knew that I didn’t want some kind of crash diet that was going to have me crash and burn. I also didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money, because who can afford that this soon after Christmas?

Step in Plant-Based…

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of a plant-based diet before. But in case you haven’t I’ll give you a brief summary. At first glance, the term plant-based seems pretty self-explanatory. A commitment to eating a diet that focuses around whole, plant foods. However, plant-based eating isn’t just about the addition of whole, plant foods but also the elimination of all animal products including meat, fish, eggs, dairy, gelatin and other animal byproducts from one’s diet.

Hmm, sounds like a lot of work…

Trust me, I get it. Many of us have such busy lives now and very little support. Meaning that managing to cook and eat clean can fall to the bottom of our priorities list. Running a home, working in demanding careers and children generally ensures that when you finally sit down, the absolute last thing you want to be thinking about, is how you can make a healthy supper.

That’s why I’m really excited to be talking about AllPlants today. This is how I can commit to a plant-based diet around my busy lifestyle. It’s everything you could want regarding eating plant-based, with none of the faff. All of the hard work of meal preparation is taken care of with healthy food delivery. So that you can create more time to focus on what you love doing. AllPlants are here to help you make proper food with no nasty ingredients. Clean, wholesome, restaurant quality gourmet meals, cooked, frozen and courier-delivered. Most meals are ready to eat in around 10 minutes. Plant-based, made incredibly simple.

So is a plant-based diet worth it?

Well, in short, yes! I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that more plants are a good thing, for everyone. Type 2 diabetes is entirely preventable, and plenty of research suggests a plant-based diet can help ward off the disease. A diet loaded with fruits and veggies can lower blood pressure. Opting largely for fruits, veggies and whole grains in lieu of meat will also likely leave you feeling fuller on fewer calories. Fibre keeps you regular by aiding in digestion and preventing constipation. Plus, it may also lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Did you know that your eyes might also thank you for a plant-based diet? Rich in carrots, spinach, kale, corn, squash, kiwi and grapes. These foods are thought to help prevent cataract and macular degeneration. Many of the vitamins, pigments and phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables contribute to healthy skin, meaning you’re not only going to feel your best, you’re going to look your best too!

Consider it an investment in yourself! Feeling more energised and alert is another benefit of following a plant-based diet. The typical UK diet is filled with processed foods, sugar, and white flour, which make you feel fatigued. These foods cause spikes and rapid declines in sugar levels, which can result in spurts of energy followed by extreme tiredness. Sound familiar? Transitioning away from processed foods to a more plant-based way of life with vegan meal delivery will make your body function optimally. Your digestion will likely improve, your skin will start glowing, and your total energy will increase due to the nutrient-dense attributes and high quality of the foods being consumed.

You can find out more about allplants here!

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