Let’s Get Organised: Early Christmas Prep – Part 17

Let’s Get Organised: Early Christmas Prep – Part 17

Though we love the process of getting ready for Christmas, it can sometimes be overwhelming and feel like one giant, stressful to-do list. But if you’re feeling swamped, fear not. We’re is on hand to offer up some handy early Christmas prep countdown organisation tips.

To-Do Jobs Around the Home

Minimum maintenance. Encourage family members to pitch in and share the work. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Christmas Prep Checklist

  • Recycle wrapping paper. 
  • Write family thank-you notes.
  • Plan low-cost, no-cost activities for kids. Whether it’s camping out under the Christmas tree or a drive to see Christmas lights, some mid-week events will keep sparkle in the season.
  • Decorate for New Year’s.
  • Make New Year’s resolutions. 
  • Set up a calendar for the new year. 
  • Take down remaining decorations. All good things have to end–and the visible Ghost of Christmas Past can be a real disincentive to an organised new year. Take down remaining holiday decor next week. You’ll see it again, next season!
  • Take down fresh trees and greens, and deliver them to recycling.
  • Store Christmas decorations. 
  • Set up a ‘lost Christmas box’ for stragglers. No matter how you scour the house, a few holiday items will always hide out in laundry, kitchen or corners. Give them a place to go with a holiday box: a designated container for any last holiday items you find. In a few weeks, take the box to the storage area for next year.
  • Hold a Christmas debriefing. Get a head-start on next year’s planning–and avoid traps–with a quick debriefing session. High points or low, they’ll guide you next year.
  • Mark your calendar for next year!

Even if you are not the biggest fan of the festive season, it pays to be prepared for it. We are here to show you how to get ready for Christmas, without breaking a sweat. Preparation is more than half the battle in our opinion. If you know how to get ready for Christmas well in advance, then by the time the big day rolls around, you will be more chilled than a turkey in January.

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