Our 2019 Top Honeymoon Destinations

Our 2019 Top Honeymoon Destinations

Sicily, Italy

If you’ve been dreaming of an Italian honeymoon since childhood, there are many reasons to pick Sicily over more traditional choices like Florence or Venice. It’s easier to escape the crowds here, especially if you rent a sporty car and trace a route along the turquoise coast, pulling off at your leisure to admire the ruins of the island’s ancient temples and mosaics. Take a detour to sample Nero D’Avola wines, or seek out extraordinary views from Mount Etna. We recommend spending at least two days exploring the main city, Palermo, which was designated Italy’s Cultural Capital in 2018.


Honeymoons in Fiji Islands, the Fijian islands are the ideal honeymoon destination to start your new life together. With 333 islands, Fiji can offer endless white sand beaches, clear warm waters and privacy like nowhere else. But the true magic of Fiji is its ability to transform travelers from visitors to family and to bring a sense of happiness that will last long after they return home. There’s a common saying on the islands known as “Fiji time,” a phrase that mostly translates to a Fijian version of “don’t worry, be happy” and “if it doesn’t get done today, there’s always tomorrow.” What could be a more fitting mindset for a relaxing honeymoon after all of the work put into planning a wedding?!

Key West, Florida

Ocean breezes, palm trees, and sun-drenched shorelines? Yup, Key West is exactly how you imagined your honeymoon to look. Soak in the dreamy landscape by staking a claim on the sandy shores of Smathers Beach or snorkeling off the coast of Fort Zachary Taylor Beach. In this slice of paradise, you’ll find both laid back vibes and fancy frills to suit your celebration style. Kick back with brews and ocean views or sail aboard a classic schooner — you’re celebrating after all!

Culture Honeymoons

Not the most exotic honeymoon destination but the beautiful Greek islands have so much to offer culture vultures. Lose yourself in ancient ruins, walk up to the top of an acropolis for jaw-dropping views and uncover well-preserved cities and towns trapped in time. The town of Lindos in Rhodes is absolutely adorable and has its very own acropolis to admire.


Now Iceland is known to be pretty expensive. But planning your trip during the winter can reduce your costs thanks to off-season rates. You won’t want to miss any of the tours and attractions in Iceland. Especially if you and your loved one have never been. Make arrangements to climb glaciers or explore ice caves, venture into lava tubes, bathe in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon and snorkel between two tectonic plates. Travelers should also rent a 4×4 vehicle and if your ideal honeymoon includes lengthy dinners over multiple bottles of wine, this may not be the best option for you, because the price of alcohol is exceptionally inflated here.

Bora Bora

Perhaps unanimously agreed upon as one of the most expensive. Exclusive and luxurious honeymoon destinations on Earth. Bora Bora is a utopian island in French Polynesia that stokes romance. With sparkling turquoise waters and opulent overwater villas. It’s also a less developed alternative to the Maldives — but travelers will have to pay for that seclusion and privacy.

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