Organised Family Life Hacks – Part 12, 2019

May 13, 2019 4 comments

Organised Family Life Hacks – Part 12, 2019

Planning ahead and doing a little bit at a time leaves a lot more time to enjoy yourself and just makes the general day to day running of life so much easier. You also can save money by being prepared through the year. Every Monday we’ll post a list of Organised Family Life Hacks that we’ve compiled over the years. If you have any of your own to add, please comment below. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you suggest!


  • Take a photo of birthday invites. The paper invite goes on a special little notice board we have in the kitchen. The photo is for when you’re en route and suddenly can’t remember if it starts at 2 or 2.30 and what the post code is for the church hall that you thought you knew where it was but can’t find!


  • Card factory ten for a pound cards for kids parties, funky pigeon for everyone else, as they’ll post it for you. Gift bags over wrapping paper. Buy random toys on offer for kids parties so you always have something in your present cupboard.


  • Buy a bunch of little plastic pots and scoop a few spoons into them of your dinner from the pan when you’re having Bolognese, stew, curry, chilli etc for the freezer so you always have an easy meal to hand for the toddler.
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  1. They are all fantastic hacks, my daughter is 2 so freezing a small portion is really handy as she loves lasagne, bolognese, etc, I usually put some in the fridge for the next day and put to much in but didnt think to freeze the other half, I always take the invitation in my handbag on the party day, usually rushing to a shop on the way to buy a card which I usually put money into so the card and gift hack is good too xxx

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