Mother’s Day Giveaway! Hotel Chocolat – The Velvetiser

Mother’s Day Giveaway! Hotel Chocolat – The Velvetiser

Mother’s day this year is 31st March and we thought to ourselves, what better way to celebrate all of our wonderful readers, than by giving away another Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine by Hotel Chocolat? You may remember that we featured the Velvetiser on Vivre Le Rêve last October. You loved hearing about it then, so we figured this would make an awesome gift for Mother’s Day. This is the perfect in-home hot chocolate system. Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, engineered by Dualit. This creates Barista-grade hot chocolate, as served in Hotel Chocolat cafes, velvetised at the touch of a button. The best bit? There’s no powders, no syrups, just chocolate. Plus it works with plant based and regular milk. It’s designed to make one perfect hot chocolate at the touch of a button in 2.5 minutes and it does just that!

Doesn’t the Velvitiser sound like the dream machine? Proper chocolate, heated to the perfect temperature and whisked to a lovely frothiness.

It was actually surprisingly quick to heat and at first I thought it had malfunctioned but on testing the temperature it had clearly done its job efficiently. I hadn’t actually had any of the Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate before however the quality is superb and its fantastic to be able to switch around the flavours without compromising quality.

Hot chocolate is my drink of choice and I have tried all sorts of powders, chocolate and even a milk frother over the years to try and replicate the same effect as the hot chocolates you have in fancy cafes. So when I spotted this, I had to have it and it is perfect! The Velvetiser and the chocolate sachets provided create the ultimate hot chocolate. The best I have had anywhere. The machine does create a very fine mousse-y effect which makes the most of the rich chocolate flavour. I like the fact that you create the drink in one go and whip it up together rather than just adding chocolate powder or nibs to hot milk.

It’s also super quick and easy to clean.

I just ran the whisk under a hot tap, even though you can put it in the dishwasher if needed. And I washed the machine out easily as it’s non stick inside. So the residual milk and chocolate float off easily. Very impressed! I don’t see why you couldn’t use this with any sort of hot chocolate drink powders or grains as well, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Hotel Chocolat sachets and you can tell that it is premium quality so with the lovely fine mousse like texture it feels like a lovely luxurious treat.

The Velvetiser is so easy, quick and not at all messy. This is definitely a machine that stays on the work surface to be used and is not going in the cupboard. A perfect and gorgeous looking machine, that looks fab sat in our kitchen. From pressing the on button and hearing absolutely no noise like you would other machines, to making the most perfect hot chocolate. It definitely beats making it over the hob, plus there’s no mess. An absolutely worthy investment if you love hot chocolate.

You can buy The Velvetiser here and if you fancy winning one for yourself as well as 2 exclusive ceramic Podcups and 10 x Single serve hot chocolate pouches, 2 of each : Classic, Milky, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and 100% cocoa, just enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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