Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! We all know Christmas is going to be a bit strange this year.

I know that a lot of us haven’t been able to see our extended family for some time, but go ahead and pick up that FaceTime and get it done. Joy is lovely to be spread in person. But when we can’t and if this year it’s a little different. Calling, video chatting is just as important. 

One of the hardest parts of the holidays is that sometimes, for the first time, there might be an empty chair. I know that’s been a part of a lot of people’s journeys this year.

The spirit of Christmas isn’t us just getting together in person. It’s getting to honour our histories, our traditions and the love that travels from generation to generation.

We’re together in this. It’s been a year unlike any other but there’s better days ahead. Hold on to the spirit. Hold on to the vibes, the energy that never dies.

So whether you’ve got your whole family with you this year, or you’re having a virtual Christmas. We’re in this fight together. Shine bright no matter where you are lovelies!

Wherever and whatever you find yourselves doing during this festive period, be sure to appreciate your loved ones and stay thankful for everything you have.

To the first time readers, to the OGs who’ve been here as long as me. We need every single one of you showing up strong, staying in that fight and being a total knockout! May your home be filled with good food, twinkly lights and Christmas traditions.

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season from Vivre Le Rêve!

Stay safe and take care xoxo

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