How To Wear a Fur Coat (Without Looking Extra AF)

How To Wear a Fur Coat (Without Looking Extra AF)

It’s true that fur coats are having a bit of a moment right now, and considering the colder weather that’s to come, I think that’s something we can all embrace. Furry and fuzzy coats are still cozy and comfy, fake or not, and I think you should seriously consider getting one! They’re glamorous, fabulous, and so fun to wear. Furs have always been in fashion one way or the other. Whether the glamourous fur coats that helped define the creation of characters in the golden age of Hollywood. Or the casual affordable vintage options, all the way to the more recent fake fur coats and gilets, we cannot deny that furs are a must-have in our wardrobes.

Faux or real, fur coats are everywhere this winter, and an easy way to look super chic when it’s brutally cold.

Rich navies and icy greys update the look. But classic blacks and browns bring a luxe elegance that will be stylish for years. It’s the cut that’s key. Bomber styles are super modern and perfect for a night out. Or you could go with a longer mid-thigh length version for added warmth and weekend to work versatility.

From September to March I am continuously cold. So on days when the temperature drops below freezing, I open my wardrobe, look at the mink coat I inherited in my twenties from my grandmother. And ask myself whether I feel like getting into a debate about my outerwear today. But the public obsession with fur as uniquely immoral puzzles me. The number of animals killed for meat dwarfs that of those killed for fur many times over. One fur coat can be worn for generations, whilst a steak is consumed in half an hour. I know these facts don’t make fur morally stainless. But I have to wonder why the revulsion is so much more instantaneous when it comes to fur. Needless to say, almost none of the people who comment on my fur wearing eschew meat or leather.

Here Are Our Style Tips On How To Wear A Real or Faux Fur Coat This Winter

  • Opt for an outfit on the more glamourous side by wearing your fur coat with a skirt. Over the knee boots, and some leather gloves.
  • You can give your coat a more casual spin by wearing it with jeans, a graphic tee, and trainers. Easy!
  • It also looks a little more casual with a denim skirt and combat boots – it’s kind of an unexpected mix that works.
  • Pair your coat with casual pieces to keep it a little more on the simple side. A shirt dress, check shirt, flat boots, and a beanie make for a really cute and unexpected winter outfit.
  • A fur coat with a cozy sweater, jeans, and over the knee boots is a perfect winter outfit.
  • Pair your fur coat with super feminine pieces. Like polka dot tights, a floaty floral shirt and skirt for an outfit that can be dressed up or down. With combat boots, it’s more casual, but add heels, and you’ve got something a lot fancier.
  • If you have a black fur coat, wear it with all black for an effortlessly cool look that’s warm and cozy.
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