How to Use Monogram Maker to Make Something Extra Special!

If it can be printed, stitched, or stamped, there is a good chance that I’ve already monogrammed it! I’ve learnt along the way that it comes in handy to know the traditional rules of monogramming. Then you can decide when you want to break them. Keep in mind that regional and personal preferences come into play with monogramming standards. You might be thinking that monograms are only of interest to brides-to-be. But, I promise you, you can enjoy making your mark whether there are wedding bells in your immediate future or not.

A monogram can be listed a few different ways. Individual monogram for the bride or the groom. These will appear one of two ways depending on the font/style. Traditionally, a monogram reads First Name Initial, Last Name Initial, Middle Name or Maiden Name Initial. With the Last Name Initial being the larger Middle Initial. For example, if you had the name Stephanie Marie Jones, her monogram would read SJM. 

Monogram maker is an awesome free monogram making online tool. You can use their quick and easy tool to create amazing monograms. Simply type your letters into the monogram generator (you can pick 1,2,3,4,5 letters or more), pick a monogram font, a monogram frame and their quick and easy online tool will let you create your perfect design. Struggling for ideas? monogram maker free is perfect to create design projects such as Wedding Monograms, Monogram Logos, Split Monograms, Circle Monograms, Clothing Monogram Designs or even Cursive Monograms.

Another common style is to have the letters all the same size. This style of monogram traditionally reads First Name Initial, Middle Name Initial, Last Name Initial with all the letters being the same size in line with one another. For example, if you had the name Stephanie Marie Jones, her monogram would read SMJ. 

When it comes to couples, there are two thoughts on the order and either order is acceptable. There’s no right or wrong way to style your family monogram. The first option has the wife’s first name initial, the couple’s married last name initial in the centre and largest letter followed by the husband’s first name initial. For example, Stephanie & Peter Thompson would be STP. However, if you’re all for the traditional way of doing things, then you could have your monogram appear in the order husband’s first name initial with the last name initial larger in the middle and the wife’s first name initial last. The theory here and that a man’s first name and last name should not be separated.

Some things are great with just a single first initial. With this, you can add a little personality to the design by adding detail on either side of the letter or a frame around the letter. First name of Stephanie would appear as a single “S.” This style is popular for unmarried young women. The single last name letter is great for barware, towels and stationary. This would appear as a single “T” for a couple with the last name Thompson. 

Remember to choose a font that suits you and the way you want to use your monogram. If you have a complicated monogram, consider a more simple font. Traditionally, a monogram is not used until it’s official. If a woman takes her husband’s last name, her new monogram nor their joint monogram should be used prior to the wedding. But, displaying it at the reception is absolutely fine. When it comes to heirlooms, it’s appropriate to use items with a monogram that isn’t your own. If you were lucky enough to inherit your great-grandmother’s monogrammed barware or linens, enjoy them. Not only will you be reminded of your loved ones, but you will also have great conversation starters.

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