How to Feel Comfortable in Christian Louboutin Shoes

There are lots of hints and tips out there to help you walk more comfortably in your new Christian Louboutin shoes, some work and some do not. I’m here to share with you my favorites, and the ones I’d recommend to all of you if you need to get your Christian Louboutin shoes to fit. I do still recommend that if your shoes are much too tight and incredibly painful to walk in, sizing up is the best option. Just don’t despair if your shoes are much too tight, stretching them will often work, but if it doesn’t, definitely exchange them until you get it right! They are worth it!

Double Sided Tape

If your shoes slip off of your feet when you walk like they do for me, then there are ways of stopping it. The only thing that I think works very well is double sided tape. I put it on the inside of the heel of the shoe and then put my foot in it and press the heel of the shoe firm to the heel of my foot and it sticks. You can then walk in your shoes without them slipping off! It’s really amazing but of course is a hassle to do this all the time.

Stretch Too-Tight Shoes to Fit with a Hair Dryer

Stretch them out a smidge with a few pairs of socks and a hair dryer. Whilst the end result of larger shoes is worth it, you’ll need to put up with a few minutes of pinched toes to get the results you want. I suggest you pop on a few pair of socks, stuff your feet in to your shoes, and aim a hairdryer at the tight areas. For maximum benefit, flex and stretch your feet as you blast them with hot air.

Keep the shoes on while they cool, then try walking in them without socks to check the fit. If they’re comfy, you’re done; if they’re still snug, whip out the socks and hair dryer again until the shoes are stretched enough to get you through the evening.

I’ve have had the best experience stretching my Christian Louboutin shoes when they are leather. Patent leather takes a little longer to stretch out and suede takes even longer again, so you definitely have to be patient.

Heel Grips

Now if your Louboutin shoes are too big, there are some options you can try. There are foam heel grips which pad out the back of the shoe pretty well. There are also foot petals that you can put on the insole at the front so that it pushes the ball of your foot back a little bit to lessen the gap at the heel. If your slingback / Mary Jane strap is too big, any good cobbler can easily shorten it by taking some of the elastic out and re-attaching it.

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