How to Dress for Your Body Shape

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

The first and most important concept in dressing to fit your body shape is learning what shape you are! It’s true that trends change fast, and it’s not always easy to know how to adapt them for our body shapes. We believe that fashion is about feeling great in the looks we love and feeling great in who we are. But, you could say that we follow guidelines, not rules. So here we have this handy guide to help you learn how to dress your body shape and play up your most favorite features with styles you have in your wardrobe. But first things first, do you know your body shape?

You’re actually setting yourself up for success by realizing what is most flattering for your body type. Then, all you’ll need do is shop for clothes that sit well on your body, based on how you’re shaped. Let’s take a closer look.


Your shoulders and/or broader than your waist and hips

Choose full skirts and wide-leg pants to balance out your silhouette. Wearing a bright color on your bottom half will also draw attention downwards. Opt for open V- and U-neck tops or dresses to break up your top half, making it appear smaller and flattering your bust.


With few curves, there’s little difference between your bust, waist and hip measurements.

Create the illusion of curves by cinching fuller pieces with a belt at a waist. A-lines will also suggest curves. Unlike other shapes, you can get away with wearing high-necked top, or showing off your smaller bust in a plunging neckline – you can also wear backless styles with ease.


Curvaceous, you have similar bust and hip measurements, with a defined, nipped in waist.

Anything with a fitted waist will enhance your feminine shape. Wrap dresses and waist-cinching belts are your new best friends, as are flared and wide-legged trousers to balance your curves. Going out dresses, halter, boat and V-necks will all flatter your fuller bust – but avoid high necked pieces.


While you may have slim legs and arms, you carry a little more weight around the middle and your waist isn’t defined.

Empire tops and dresses flatter an Apple shape, drawing attention away from your middle. Full skirts or A-line styles can create the illusion of an hourglass shape; add a belt to suggest definition around the waist. A low neckline or tops with detailing will draw the eye upwards from your tummy.


You’re smaller on top, with fuller hips and bottom

Balance out your bottom half with open-neck or strapless tops and dresses, which enhance your upper body. Colorful tops with detailing will also draw the eye upwards. Darker colors help camouflage your bottom half, as do full or A-line skirts.

And above all make sure that your clothes fit properly. Clothes that are too tight or too big will not necessarily make you look better. Remember, just because you have an hour-glass figure doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes that make you blush. If a neckline is too deep, or if a hemline is too short, leave those clothes on the rack. Comfortable clothing will make you feel better and make you more confident.
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