How to Avoid Tyre Damage Our Car Tyre Care Tips

How to Avoid Tyre Damage Our Car Tyre Care Tips

To ensure that you stay safe on the road, it is important that you look after your tyres and check them regularly. We recommend that you carry out routine car tyre care and inspect your tyres every 2 weeks. There are many different reasons for tyre wear. Your tyres don’t just get worn due to age and use, other factors including emergency braking, incorrect tyre inflation and wheel alignment, and poor road surfacing can easily damage a tyre.

Having the right tyres for your vehicle can improve its safety and fuel efficiency which is why it’s so important to get the correct ones for your make and model fitted. The winter weather is hard on your vehicle, its tyres and its engine. Here are some tips to help you make sure it is up to the challenge. If you are in Basildon, a few minutes’ maintenance could see your car through the worst the weather has to offer. I mean, think about it, tyres are the only thing in your vehicle that actually touch the road. This means that they are in control of your steering, braking, acceleration and absorbing all the bumps that the road may throw at you. And when you’re responsible for transporting your family, from a safety perspective it’s super important to make sure you have the correct tyres for your vehicle.

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is also incredibly important. Tyres that are underinflated can overheat, and overinflated tyres can lead to poor vehicle handling on the road. Over or under-inflated tyres have a decreased contact patch with the road and suffer from uneven tread wear as a result. Your tyre tread will wear more quickly due to the smaller contact patch, therefore, your tyres will need to be replaced more regularly. Vehicles with under-inflated tyres also have increased rolling resistance which means more fuel is required to maintain the same speed.

Tyre damage such as cuts, lumps and bumps are often caused by an impact between the tyre and a kerb, pothole or object in the road. If your tyre has any of these symptoms. Then you must have the tyre checked as quickly as possible by a tyre specialist in Basildon. This sort of damage can result in sudden tyre failure.

Tyre damage can be devastating to the functioning of your car and can put your health and safety at risk. While some sources of damage are unavoidable. There are some ways that you can avoid wheel damage in any driving conditions:

  • If you have to drive your vehicle over an obstacle (e.g. a curbstone), approach it slowly. Angle your wheels as close to perpendicular to the object as possible.
  • Try to avoid potholes, driving over curbs, and scraping and parking against curbs.
  • Check your vehicle’s tyres regularly for exterior damage such as cuts, cracks or bulges.
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly.
  • Replace your tyres when needed.
  • Monitor the tread and sidewalls.
  • Pay attention to vehicle load, average speed and type of use when considering the status of your tyres.
  • Rotate tyres regularly, about every 6 months.
  • Avoid heavy braking and skidding.
  • Ensure proper mounting and lubrication.
  • Check for proper tyre alignment.
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