Our Top Tips to Help you Save Money this Christmas

Our Top Tips to Help you Save Money this Christmas

There’s enough to panic about over Christmas without adding money worries to the equation. But it’s all too easy to let your spending run out of control and end up in a financial mess. It is possible, though, to have a wonderful family Christmas without running up a credit card. Here are our top tips to help you save money this Christmas.

Buy whole-family presents

Buying for nieces, nephews and friends’ kids can get expensive. Instead, go for whole-family gifts that cost less than individual presents but will still make them smile. A family board game or hamper of sweets will bring far more enjoyment than a cheap plastic toy that malfunctions in minutes.

Raid the reduced aisle

When you go food shopping in the weeks leading up to Christmas, check out the reduced cabinet to see if any almost-expired seasonal goodies have been knocked down. These can usually be frozen, ready to whip out on Christmas Eve. Look out for freezer-friendly Christmas staples like smoked salmon, bread sauce and pigs in blankets, too.

Get Santa to think practically

Every child loves a bulging stocking, so top up the toys with practical presents like new socks, toothbrush and bubble bath. It’s all stuff you’d have needed to buy anyway, but your child gets the pleasure of unwrapping it.

Buy a fake

We all love the scent of a proper Christmas tree, but the cost can be eye-watering. Buying a decent artificial tree will save money this Christmas and for Christmases to come.

Ditch the Christmas card list

Christmas cards themselves might be as cheap as chips, but stamps certainly aren’t.

Bulk-buy the bubbly

Make sure your bar is well stocked by taking advantage of bulk-buy alcohol offers from supermarkets.

Look out for toy offers

Use price comparison websites to find the best deals, then buy through a cashback site to soften the blow.

Supersize the sides

It’s a Christmas ritual to eat until you can’t move, but there’s no law to say that the overpriced turkey has to take up most of the space on your plate. This year, work out how much turkey you need and buy the smallest one you can. Then go large on cheaper side dishes like roasties, pigs in blankets and carrots.

Ditch the canapes

Serving up expensive canapes makes you look super-posh, but does anyone actually need them? Save your money and just put out some dishes of nibbles instead– your waistbands will thank you for it.

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