Holiday Hacks for Busy Families

Going on holiday with the family can, unfortunately, be more stressful than relaxing. No matter how old your kids are, you have to make sure that they are fed, aware of the plans, and not doing 24/7 complaining until they return home. Nothing can ruin a good holiday more than a child’s tantrum that won’t go away, so that means prep.

There are some simple ways to ensure that your family holiday goes off without a hitch. By following these tips you could end up having the ultimate family break that not only brings you closer together, but creates the memories that last a lifetime.

Plan Together

You’re going to have a much better time if everyone gets to have some input into your holiday. Have a family discussion so that you know what kind of trip everyone wants, and when you decide on a location do some family research for the best activities so that everyone has something to look forward to.

Build Excitement

As your departure day comes closer, start building up the excitement. On the morning that you leave, have a full family breakfast with the kid’s favourite foods. Disrupt your routine, go crazy and have some fun before you even leave the house.

Get Gaming

Whether it’s a car journey or a flight, having some travel games prepped can be a life-saver. There are hundreds of travel games to choose from, and whether it’s something as basic as I-Spy or something more complicated, having travel fun doesn’t have to be a chore.

Explore your Accommodation Together

Staying in a new bed can be frightening, especially for younger children. If you’ve booked a stay in a well-placed and cosy spot from Portscatho Holidays, then take the time to check out the rooms and facilities. Do this together, and your children will be less wary.

Hand out Responsibility

If you have older children, then giving them some real responsibility will go a long way to giving them a sense of control. Whether it’s finding the best places to eat on the evening, or finding the best spots for a family photo, the more responsible that they are, the more you can trust in them to make smart decisions.

New Experiences

You don’t have to do a family skydiving nightmare to treat your kids to new experiences. Local foods, new hobbies, and new places, all combine to act as a potential overload for children, and that can be a good thing. Check out the differences between your holiday destination and home, and make sure the kids have a camera with them.

Secret Surprises

If there’s one thing that you absolutely must do, it’s to keep some activities and adventures secret. A surprise trip to the beach or to a family-friendly park can act as a great way to keep the excitement going, although the better the surprise, the harder the secret is going to be to keep.

There’s nothing quite like a family holiday to bring you all closer together. Do your planning beforehand and involve the children in the prep as much as possible. You might even instil a love of travel that will continue long after your kids have grown up.

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