Here’s How To Prep Food Like A Pro

Here’s How To Prep Food Like A Pro

Here’s How To Prep Food Like A Pro


Organise your chopping board as you would your work desk.  Clear the dishwasher ready for reloading and the sink and draining board.


Make sure you have enough space and everything is clean – this will make cooking much more enjoyable! Key areas are the draining board and the work surfaces next to the hob. If you can move out bulky gadgets that you don’t need, that will help when you prep food, too.

Get Ready

Again, this makes everything a lot easier and less stressful! You’re also less likely to get mess everywhere and will avoid the risk of cross-contamination.


Get everything you’re going to use measured out ready. This avoids you suddenly realising you’re missing something halfway through a recipe.

Chop raw vegetables in advance

Cut veggies in bulk ahead of time to avoid wasting precious minutes chopping on busy weeknights. Chopped vegetables like carrots, onion and pepper will last a week when refrigerated properly in a sealed plastic bag or container.

Bag up smoothie ingredients

Save yourself from unnecessary calories by pre-assembling and freezing the ingredients. By measuring out your berries, yogurt and greens ahead of time, your shake will be perfectly portioned, every time.

Have an empty bowl for trimmings

This helps keep your work area clean and tidy, and also makes composting easy.


You don’t want to wait around for it to heat up after your food is prepared!

Read the recipe

Nothing is more stressful than realising you have to chill a mousse overnight or cook a casserole for two hours in the oven when your dinner guests are arriving in 10 minutes! Make sure you actually have all the ingredients you need in advance of starting to cook/bake.

Get ahead

Always do as much prepping of ingredients as possible before starting to cook. This will really speed up the process and make the whole business of creating a recipe more fun!

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