Here’s How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

Here's How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

Here’s How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

Be happier

Don’t let the January blues get to you. Here are some simple ways to help make 2018 your best year ever!


Exercise 1: Count your blessings

In an experiment conducted by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania, subjects were asked to write down three good things that had happened to them during the day, and why they were good. They did this every night for one week, and showed increased happiness and decreased depressive symptoms for up to six months after.

Exercise 2: Go experience-shopping

If money doesn’t bring you happiness you’re probably not spending it right. According to a recent study which showed how we can invest more wisely in our mental wellbeing. Often we think the only happiness money can buy is a new pair of shoes, but while that will bring you short term pleasure, it will soon be just another purchase and you’ll want the next thing. Spending money on new experiences is a much better investment, because we meet new people, get new ideas, and relive the memory later with loved ones.

Exercise 3: Do good

In an experiment, people who did five random acts of kindness a day boosted their mood for up to six weeks later. When we do things for others the areas of our brain that light up are the same as when we get a reward. There’s something about doing things for other people which cements our relationships with loved ones and connects us with strangers.

Healthy eating

Try being more about being more mindful about your eating, rather than what you’re actually putting in your mouth. Whether you’re on a strict diet, or just want to eat a bit healthier, we have loads of mouthwatering healthy recipes to keep you happy and satisfied!

Cut down

Reduce your intake of alcohol/cigarettes/chocolate – whatever that naughty thing is that you have too much of. You’ll soon feel much happier and healthier.


Creating more space in your home will make you feel more relaxed. Here’s some tips to get started and get you on track for 2018 to be your best year ever:

Exercise 1: Start small

If you’re finding it overwhelming to declutter, stop looking at it as one large job – break it down. To get yourself going, give yourself a bit of a time limit of 20 minutes and start with one drawer – don’t let yourself do any more that evening. The next night, do another drawer. So rather than finding it overwhelming over two years and not doing anything at all. Do it in little bits and within two weeks you’ve done 20 minutes a night and you’ve cleared a whole room!

Exercise 2: Store away less

In rooms like kitchens, store away items that you only use occasionally. We all fill our cupboards with stuff that we use once a year. Keep that out of the kitchen and know where it is for when you need it. Before you know it you’ve got so much more cupboard space.

Exercise 3: Drop the guilt

When you’re decluttering your wardrobe. Do a bit of research into what you’re going to do with those clothes – for example, donating them to charity. Don’t leave things lying around – get it done.

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