Five Fragrances for Men – That Drive Women Wild!

Men want to smell good, like most people do. However, it can be difficult for a man to pick a scent for himself, especially if he wants a fragrance that is attractive to women. I’ve made it super simple for you by putting together a list of scents with pheromones. Each one practically guarantees that you’ll keep the kittens purring!

Versace Eros


It’s a vibrant and sexy scent that’s great for all occasions, clean and perfectly balanced. As with all Versace fragrances, this one almost spells out virility. Eros by Versace men’s fragrance gives you a vibrant freshness with its mix of mint leaves, green apple and lemon zest. You might recall that Eros is the Greek God of Love that can make people fall in love with his bow and arrow. The dominant color of the Eros bottle is turquoise, a masculine color of the gods. Smells like mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, green apple, tonka beans, amber, geranium, vanilla, cedarwood, vetyver and oak moss.

Paco Rabanne – 1 million


Unmistakably manly smell, Girls fall in love with it, Takes the luck out of getting lucky. A naturally masculine and sexy appeal to the scent. Probably not the ideal scent to wear to the office. This incredible fragrance from the Paco Rabanne brand has a spicy, masculine and yet floral appeal to it.  Make sure you’re wearing sexy underwear if you plan to spritz some 1 Million before leaving the house.  Top notes include sparkling fresh fruits, blood mandarin and peppermint.  And, you’ll find a bit of sensual leather in the base notes. Smells like sparkling fresh fruits, blood mandarin, peppermint, plus a dash of leather.

Artisan by John Varvatos


Distinctive scent attracts women, Exudes quality and individuality, Captivating. A relaxed, sexy, acquatic scent that hints at luxury. Not a nightlife type cologne. Truly, you will find few colognes as uniquely captivating as this one from John Varvatos. It’s unique and sexy. The result is an unmistakable sense of hand-crafted luxury that exudes quality and individual character. Women have little choice but to get a little closer. Smells like Sicilian clementine, tangelo, mandarin, thyme, marjoram, lavadin, North African orange tree blossom, Indian murraya, orange jasmine tree, ginger extracts, kephalis, georgywood, belambre, and serenolide

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau de Toilette


A powerfully masculine scent, perfect for a night on the town. This scent from Viktor & Rolf comes with a warning from reviewers that women will attach themselves to you. This cologne was released in response to the popularity of the women’s flowery version of this fragrance. And yet, it’s nothing like the female scent. Smells like bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, elemi, cinnamon, chili pepper, saffron, leather, Vetiver and very definitely, tobacco.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier for men


Jean Paul Gaultier launched Le Male fragrance for men in 1995 and this iconic scent has become a true classic in every sense of the word. This fragrance is world famous and is acknowledged as one of the most distinctive, unique and instantly recognisable fragrances ever made. This is coupled with an even more iconic and recognisable bottle and tin can pack. Intensive and sensible, modern and comfortably warm, masculine and gentle, Le Male is a magnetically attractive fragrance which seduces with its uniqueness. It is built on contrasts–traditional and bold, fresh and mild, strong and sensual, and absolutely irresistible to women. Fresh mint is a symbol of strength and the tradition is represented by lavender and bergamot, with vanilla notes giving warmth and tenderness. Cumin and cinnamon are present creating spicy heart notes.

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