So, This is When People Start Hating Their Job…

So, This is When People Start Hating Their Job...

Apparently This is When People Start Hating Their Job…

Can you guess? According to new research, there’s a number of factors to blame – the stress that comes with high-ranking jobs, the disappointment that comes with not having achieved what you’d hoped and a desire to look after your children.

Human resource firm Robert Half UK surveyed 2,000 people and found that one in six workers over age 35 said they were unhappy—more than double the number for those under 35. “There comes a time when either you haven’t achieved success, work has burned you out, or lived experience tells you family is more important,” said Professor Cary Cooper, a workplace researcher at Manchester Business School. “You ask yourself: ‘What am I doing this for?'”

One third of those aged over 35 found their job stressful, while only a quarter of 18-35 year olds said they dealt with workplace stress.

The good news is that people over the age of 35 think that they’re using their skills more – only 38% of Millennials said they’re able to be creative at work, compared to 68% of 35-54 year olds. Over 35s are also more likely to feel that they have more influence, which contributes to greater workplace happiness.

If you strongly dislike the work you do each day, you are probably pretty miserable. Being bored and unchallenged by your job won’t just make you frustrated, though. It’s also going to hurt your career. Your career is a huge part of your life, and when it doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied. It can have a pretty big negative impact on your overall outlook and attitude. It’s hard to leave that frustration at your desk when the clock strikes five every evening.

I really do believe that a quick shift in your perspective could make a world of difference for you. When you loathe what you do, it’s easy to feel like you’re biding time. You’re just putting in your hours until you can finally escape from that hellhole. However, that negative attitude isn’t going to make your life any easier. On the contrary, actually. It’ll make things much worse.

So, instead of looking at each day as another time when you need to pay your dues. Approach it as a chance to continue refining your skills and approach new challenges. After all, what’s more challenging than making it through eight hours at a job you hate? Not much.

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